Meltasia Music Festival Special!

00:00 Intro
01:21 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:49 Introducing Meltasia
03:06 Black Dog The Advertisers
06:02 All Nighter Gymshorts
09:03 Ding Dong Ditch Gymshorts
11:46 Breathing On Me Gymshorts
15:50 Ways Of Love Scott Yoder
19:21 Back To The Story Scott Yoder
23:07 Goodbye Lady Day Scott Yoder
26:55 Mic Break
27:52 Discrete Disguise King Khan
32:12 Desert Mile King Khan
36:09 Too Hard And Too Fast King Khan
40:01 Coffin Nails Mark Sultan
43:10 Everybody Knows Mark Sultan
46:09 Humiliation Mark Sultan
49:19 Outro
52:05 End Times Warm Drag
59:25 Sleepover Warm Drag
63:34 Parasite Wreckage Dub Warm Drag
71:29 Finish

This week we stray from the usual format and share a playlist of songs by artists who have been featured on BTRtoday BUT ALSO are playing this year’s Meltasia music festival in Upstate NY this weekend! Run by the one and only Andy Animal (read what he had to say on the festival here!), it’s a wild time so make sure you get your tix here ASAP. (Use code christmas for 20% off!)

Tune in & enjoy!

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