Lisa LeBlanc

Premiere DateFeb 12, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:34 Introducing The Music Meetup
02:00 Introducing Lisa LeBlanc
03:20 Could You Wait 'Till I've Had My Coffee Lisa LeBlanc
06:05 City Slickers & Country Boys Lisa LeBlanc
10:09 Dump The Guy ASAP Lisa LeBlanc
13:34 I Love You, I Don't Love You, I Don't Know Lisa LeBlanc
17:19 Why Does It Feel So Lonely (When You Are Around) Lisa LeBlanc
22:03 (Self-Proclaimed) Voodoo Woman Lisa LeBlanc
24:55 Mic Break
25:37 Interview w/ Lisa LeBlanc
37:40 Mic Break
38:55 Outro
39:52 Ti - gars Lisa LeBlanc
42:18 5748 km Lisa LeBlanc
45:30 Eh Cher (You've Overstayed Your Welcome) Lisa LeBlanc
49:04 Dead Man's Flats Lisa LeBlanc
50:18 Ace Of Spades Lisa LeBlanc
52:50 I Ain't Perfect, Babe Lisa LeBlanc
55:19 Finish

This week we chat & listen to the music of Lisa LeBlanc!

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