L.A. Salami

Premiere DateJul 9, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:02 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:29 Introducing L.A. Salami
02:53 Sunrise (Intro) L.A. Salami
04:50 Generation L(ost) L.A. Salami
08:42 Who's Cursing Us Now L.A. Salami
12:35 Terrorism! (The Isis Crisis) L.A. Salami
16:24 Brick Lane L.A. Salami
20:04 I'll Tell You Why L.A. Salami
24:09 England Is Unwell L.A. Salami
28:36 Mic Break
29:22 Interview w/ Lookman Adekunle aka L.A.Salami
37:10 Mic Break
38:15 Outro
39:00 A Man; A Man Without Warning L.A. Salami
43:58 You're Better Off Alone L.A. Salami
47:26 I Need Answers L.A. Salami
51:11 Science + Buddhism = A Reality You Can Know L.A. Salami
54:48 The Talisman On the Age of Glass L.A. Salami
59:28 What Is This L.A. Salami
65:30 Finish

This week we chat with U.K. based artist L.A. Salami and listen to his latest album City of Bootmakers—tune in!

L.A. Salami “Jean Is Gone”

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