Kelsey Waldon

00:00 Intro
01:24 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:52 Introducing Kelsey Waldon
03:32 Anyhow Kelsey Waldon
06:31 White Noise, White Lines Kelsey Waldon
11:22 Kentucky (Interlude) Kelsey Waldon
11:47 Kentucky, 1988 Kelsey Waldon
15:51 Lived and Let Go Kelsey Waldon
18:20 Mic Break
19:03 Interview w/ Kelsey Waldon
29:56 Mic Break
31:36 Outro
32:51 Black Patch Kelsey Waldon
36:46 Run (Interlude) Kelsey Waldon
37:05 Run Away Kelsey Waldon
40:07 Sunday's Children Kelsey Waldon
43:40 Very Old Barton Kelsey Waldon
47:00 My Epitaph Kelsey Waldon
52:07 Finish

This week I chat with country singer Kelsey Waldon! She just released her first album on John Prine’s label Oh! Boy called White Noise/ White Lines. (The first artist to be singed to the label in 15 years!) The album is emotional, intimate and has those old school country vibes.

Tune in!

Kelsey Waldon “Anyhow”

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