Joy Downer

Premiere DateJun 15, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:52 Introducing Joy Downer
04:27 A Song You'd Never Want To Hear Joy Downer
08:09 Plastic Wrap Joy Downer
13:06 Getaway Car Joy Downer
17:11 Over & Out Joy Downer
21:07 Mic Break
21:55 Interview w/ Joy Bishop aka Joy Downer
30:13 Mic Break
32:09 Outro
32:44 Neon Turns Joy Downer
36:14 Go Joy Downer
39:48 Good Bad Joy Downer
43:56 The Fool Joy Downer
47:43 Paper Moon Joy Downer
52:06 Finish

This week I share an interview from a few weeks ago I had with Joy Downer. She just released her beautiful debut album Paper Moon, which I share here on the show as well. Though the chat was before the protests, her new tunes still encourage change and will ignite the passion within you (which I encourage you use to fight for justice).

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