Fruit Tones

00:00 Intro
01:18 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:50 Introducing Fruit Tones
03:04 I Know Where Love Comes From Fruit Tones
05:15 21st Century Boy Fruit Tones
07:31 Frontline Fruit Tones
10:17 Igloo Fruit Tones
12:04 A Bag For Life Fruit Tones
13:36 I'm Alive Fruit Tones
15:46 Invisible Ink Fruit Tones
18:06 Mic Break
18:59 Interview w/ Fruit Tones
29:19 Mic Break
30:39 Outro
31:34 Drunk At The Zoo Fruit Tones
33:44 Cross Pollination Fruit Tones
36:08 Casual Boy Fruit Tones
39:59 Jaywalking Fruit Tones
41:55 Conscientious Objector Fruit Tones
44:06 Woke Up In Paradise Fruit Tones
46:52 Pop My Clogs Fruit Tones
49:15 Finish

This week I chat with Manchester, UK-based garage rockers Fruit Tones. It’s a little shaky sounding thanks to the wonders of the Internet, but we chat about music, touring and life—plus listen to their newest album Natural Selection.


Fruit Tones “I Know Where Love Comes From”

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