Flamin' Groovies

00:00 Intro
01:26 Introducing the Music Meetup
01:54 Introducing Flamin' Groovies
03:13 Shake Some Action Flamin' Groovies
07:47 Teenage Head Flamin' Groovies
10:36 Slow Death Flamin' Groovies
15:10 Mic Break
16:13 Interview w/ Cyril Jordan of Flamin' Groovies
17:11 "...the industry has totally cannibalized itself..."
18:29 "...the world's never been ready for us..."
20:07 Flamin' Groovies on the road now
21:24 Dropping acid w/ Cream in 1966
25:00 name dropping (and I ain't mad about it)
25:25 "...I went to an orgy with Chas Chandler (The Animals)..."
27:20 Flamin' Groovies' legacy
30:11 Flamin' Groovies life motto
31:05 Future of Flamin' Groovies
32:04 Mic Break
33:51 Outro
35:27 Whiskey Woman Flamin' Groovies
40:13 End of the World Flamin' Groovies
44:04 Crazy Macy Flamin' Groovies
47:02 Finish

This week is a new one for you listeners! You FINALLY get to hear me lose my shit and fangirl over a musician. haha No, I don’t really lose my shit, but I’m definitely pumped about these guys! The Flamin’ Groovies have been a must on all my mixes since I was 15. They’re a pioneering psych garage rock band from the ’60/’70s and if you haven’t heard of them, then you’re a freaking loser—get with it.

I chat with frontman Cyril Jordan and he tells me about dropping acid with Cream, going to ’70s orgy parties and hanging out with Jimi Hendrix. Plus, we listen to Jordan’s favorite tracks! You gotta tune in to this one.

Flamin’ Groovies 1972

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