Premiere DateSep 14, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:23 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:51 Introducing Drugs
03:00 Evidential Drugs
05:48 Joyride Drugs
08:05 Loose Nut Drugs
12:18 Mirage Drugs
16:29 Paralyzed Drugs
20:13 Mic Break
20:51 Interview w/ Joel Jasper of Drugs
30:43 Mic Break
32:12 Outro
33:30 Positive Feedback Loop Drugs
38:21 Pulling Tissue from the Lobe Drugs
42:45 Try Me Drugs
44:40 A Twist of the Stomach
48:50 Where Does It Go In the End? Drugs
51:32 Finish

This week I chat about Drugs… Not those kinds of drugs—the band from Long Beach, CA Drugs. We chat about their infectious garage rock and listen their newest album Episodic. 

Tune in!

Drugs “Paralyzed”

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