Destroy Boys

Premiere DateNov 26, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:13 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:45 Introducing Destroy Boys
02:47 American River Destroy Boys
05:12 Methatonin Destroy Boys
07:18 Vixen Destroy Boys
09:58 BFF Destroy Boys
12:36 Nerve Destroy Boys
15:08 Mic Break
15:41 Interview w/ Destroy Boys
26:32 Mic Break
27:33 Outro
28:25 Piedmont Destroy Boys
32:49 Crybaby Destroy Boys
35:59 Gold Medal Destroy Boys
39:32 Duck Eat Duck World Destroy Boys
41:45 Soudproof Destroy Boys
44:39 Finish

This week we listen to & chat with west coast rockers Destroy Boys (a Billie Joe Armstrong favorite btw). They’ve got a killer new album called Make Room that we listen to and chat about feminism, Green Day and making music since 16.
Tune in!

Destroy Boys “American River”

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