A.F. Cortés / 'Brooklyn Is Burning'

00:00 Intro
01:22 Introducing The Music Meetup
01:51 Introducing A.F. Cortés Flimmaker of 'Brooklyn Is Burning'
04:10 Compromised Public Practice
07:25 11th Street Native Sun
11:07 Les Be In Love Surfbort
13:16 Mic Break
14:28 Interview with A.F. Cortés
27:31 Mic Break
28:49 Outro
31:10 Potassium Sloppy Jane
36:34 Backyard Bambara
40:56 Trapdoor Dreamcrusher
46:47 Finish

Brooklyn Is Burning is already on its way to being one of the most prolific documentaries for music lovers. Filmmaker A.F. Cortés is documenting the current and future underground music scene of NYC. This week we chat with him and spin tunes from some of the artists being featured in Brooklyn Is Burning.

Tune in!

‘Brooklyn Is Burning’ trailer

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