Flat Worms will get your head banging so hard and your body moshing so intensely that you might explode—it's punk rock.
The eerie synth of environmental friendly Teen Daze--tune in & get lost in a lovely musical haze.
This week we interview U.K.-based band Spinning Coin and listen to their most recent album 'Permo'!         Click here for more episodes of The Music Meetup…
We listen to Jessica Boudreaux's latest album 'Fury' and chat about all kinds of things--tune in!
The Royal They is a NYC based band that catches you by surprise with their "normal" looks, but chaotic sound.
The Liza Colby Sound slaps you in the face with true blue raw rock 'n' roll!
Do You like catchy music? Like to be chillin' like a villain? Then tune in & meet LuxDeluxe!
This week we chat with Blis. and we get real deep. We also listen to their newest album No One Loves You--so make sure to tune in!
Tune in to hear 'Lost In Magic City' in its entirety & a chat w/ Deaf Poets about opening for The Growlers, making memes, & writing music.
This week we chat with the Swedish-garage rockers Baby Jesus and listen to their newest album Took Our Sons Away!
This week we chat with L.A. post-punk band Adult Books. They're rad, and we listen to Running From The Blows--so make sure to tune in! Click here for more episodes of The Music Meetup (formerly Discovery Corner)! 
Gymshorts is fast and guttural punk rock w/ angry guitar solos--this week we listen to their EP 'Wet Willy' and LP 'No Backsies!!'
Honey isn't that sweet sappy stuff you put in your tea, it's a killer punk band from NYC here to make your ears bleed!
A Giant Dog is a giant step in rock 'n' roll--listen to their newest album on this week's episode & a chat w/ frontwoman Sabrina!
The Values' debut EP premiering exclusively here on BTRtoday! They're catchy pop & angsty garage rock--get the best of both worlds.
Their upbeat & catchy like pop, but they've got edge & depth like punk--meet the husband/wife duo Sunshine & The Rain!
Richard Hell re-incarnated with the ultimate femme power and fuck you attitude--meet NYC punk band Animal Show!
This week we listen to the music of The Duke of Surl & chat with frontman Will Brown. Check it out--they may be your next favorite band.
You'll never hear anything catchier. So, prepare your ears for a treat that is Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs!
A mix of true-blue rock 'n' roll with a folky sensitive side. Listen to the debut album of El Silver Cabs in it's entirety on this week's episode!
This week we listen to the new album by The Drums, Abysmal Thoughts, and chat with the creator himself Jonny Pierce!
Don't let the ultra cheesy band name fool you--these guys are on the top of my list for psych/garage rock.
The Birth Marks are a rock 'n' roll band from the UK who love to watch Friends.
Dead Heavens-hardcore punk at heart, but are now dipping their toes into a more psychedelic realm.
Tom Grrrl--they're unique and everyone should definitely give 'em a listen!
This week we call up Perry, of Pearie Sol and Teen Liver--we have a chat and listen to some tunezzzzz.
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner). This week we chat with Justin North of The Filipino Snares and listen to their music giving a whole new meaning to dad rock! From Louisville, Kentucky, this group of dads make music solely for the reason that they love music. There are no bells and whistles here to trick you into listening. Just passion and talent. Read more about them in the written portion of Music Meetup!
Brenda is punk rock, catchy and absorbing all the greatness that's under-appreciated of their hometown in Louisville, Kentucky.
This week we start a music-bio book club & chat w/ musical creator of L.A. Takedown, Aaron Olson--plus we listen their most recent album 'II'
This week we chat with and listen to the music of synth-rocker, Cold Beat!
Don't bee spooked, they're like Casper the cool ghost--Cool Ghouls' tunes are old school, like '60s pop & '70s rock. Check them out here!
This week listen to the 7-piece band Evolfo, and chat with the man who brought them altogether, Matthew Gibbs.
This week we chat w/ Nashville's Daddy Issues and listen to a SNEAK PEAK of 'Deep Dream'--out May 19!
Check out Side Eye--the Pittsburgh-based band comprised of some badass chicks spitting out your new favorite punk/doo-wop/surf rock inspired tunes.
Meet Monograms! They're a mixture of synth pop and punk rock, and who could ask for more??
A dream-pop duo of synth wonderfulness, they call themselves "surf-gaze"--you don't want to miss out on Surf Rock Is Dead here on BTRtoday!
Listen here first to Australia-based band Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads' newest album "Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven" and hear what Ruth Carp himself has to say about it!
This Brooklyn-based, ambient singer will blow you away! Check out Half Waif here!
These surf rock punkers bring the tunes and the entertainment! They include sound bites from old school sci-fis and/or horror movies and dress up as doctors when playing live.
Meet Shadow Band--the dark & mysterious group that everyone was looking for. They've got some edge, some sweetness, and some eeriness. Check 'em out!
Cool down and rev up to the sound of Calvin Love—a Canadian bringing all the loveliness & coldness to his music.
Let's get weird with Weird Omen--a dark & mysterious French band that sings rock'n'roll explosions!
This week we listen to the new album "Bloodshot Tokyo" by The Dig, and chat with bassist/vocalist, Emile Mosseri—you’ll dig The Dig!
The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out!
Jordan Corso, aka Cotillon, puts out music that soothes the soul--it's relatable in so many ways! We chat w/ & listen to his first album & a brand new single off of his upcoming album, The Afternoons.
Have your ears pet Soft Lions and, trust me, you're in for a treat! A west-coast band bringing in the dark vibes to the dance floor.
Max Pain & The Groovies is a rock’n’roll group that makes you think about death and stuff, but still get you partying! Check 'em out here!
A Philly-based band that brings the hard core and the smooth tunes. The best for people who wanna rage, but also want to fall in love.
Americana, Alt-Country, Folk or Indie Rock--whatever you wanna call them, Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six are putting back the real emotions into country music!
Plastic Pinks give you a jolt of energy and a shot of adrenaline! Give these guys a listen when you need to get your ass up and going--they aren't afraid to rock hard!
Sun Abduction is a New York based group that pulls influences from psychedelic rock, punk, garage, and grunge--all the sounds you need are right here!
Betty & The Boy paints such beautiful imagery of nature and life with their acoustics and vocals of an angel. Check them out here!