2017 Yearly Roundup

Premiere DateJan 1, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:13 Introducing The Music Meetup Yearly Roundup
02:41 Eight Eight Deaf Poets
06:23 HID Deaf Poets
09:39 Fake Plastic Trees A Giant Dog
12:39 Night Terror A Giant Dog
15:13 Surfing Blues Animal Show
17:40 Drinking Alone Animal Show
20:43 Mic Break
22:11 Under The Ice The Drums
25:50 Abysmal Thoughts The Drums
30:37 Fragment Champagne Superchillin
34:28 Mon Loup Champagne Superchillin
39:57 In Your Head Daddy Issues
43:06 I'm Not Daddy Issues
47:23 Mic Break
49:37 Outro
51:04 Whiskey A Go Girl Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads
54:20 Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven? Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads
58:08 I Think I'm Going Down Weird Omen
59:44 Waltz Of Chaos Weird Omen
63:07 Springwater Support Wizard The Mad Doctors
65:44 She's A Psycho The Mad Doctors
68:40 Pretty London Plastic Pinks
71:41 66 Sexta Plastic Pinks
73:05 Finish

Happy New Years and welcome to the Music Meetup’s Yearly Roundup!
That’s right, these are song from the best interviews from 2017. Make sure to go back and check out these artists on the show’s page to hear the full interview with them. They’re all awesome & everyone needs to check them out.


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