Meet Faline--the sweet and feisty singer from South Caroline that'll be your new favorite musician!
Meet the wild rocker of folk music--Fletcher C. Johnson. His music is melodic and soothing, but also filled with chaos and lust!
Paint Fumes is your next favorite band. They're catchy punk with a hint of destruction--they make you wanna get up and break some bones!
Kino Kimino has the voice of an angel and the heart of a true rock star. In her newest album she eve pairs w/ O.G. rockers from Sonic Youth. Hear it here along w/ a chat with the frontwoman herself!
Casey Hopkins ranges from funk/ psychedelic to garage/ punk rock. He joined us in the studio to chat about politics, Florida, funk, punk, and livin' that musician life.
We’ve gathered here today to rock out to Dearly Beloved—the dark and stormy Canadian band that isn’t afraid to spill it all on stage!