Solko - Live @ Old School Studios

Premiere DateNov 17, 2012
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00:00    Themetune
00:42    Mr Jason talking
01:42    Done Made My Vow Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
06:58    Weatherman Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
12:33    It Passes By Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
18:24    December Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
23:40    Milkman Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
30:22    Hour By Hour Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
37:56    Take The Blood Solko - Live @ Old School Studios
41:57    Mr Jason talking
42:58    Themetune
44:21    Finish

LIVE @ OLD SCHOOL STUDIOS with MR JASON – Saturday 17th November 2012

SOLKO – It’s not often we get to record reggae bands around here in sunny Norwich in the U of the K, so today’s rather refreshing. Listen to all the warm, crunchy, analogue goodness, put on your skanking slippers, and most importantly, make sure you at some point leave the house, and go and catch Solko playing live, in a venue near you.
Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!

Ash Vox, guitar
Jord Lead guitar, B Vox
Nath Bass
Jack Tenor Sax
Alf Alto Sax
Henry Percussion
Mikey Drums

SOLKO gigs
19th Nov 2012 Green Door Stage Brighton, UK
21st Nov 2012 Buffalo Bar Cardiff, UK
22nd Nov 2012 Mr Wolf’s Bristol, UK
26th Nov 2012 Barfly Camden, London, UK
30th Nov 2012 Antwerp Mansion Manchester, UK


This music was performed completely live, without a safety net, recorded to analog tape, just as nature intended, by Conor Etteridge, at Old School Studios in Norwich, UK –

HOST Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…