KING BLOOD - It's another storming session this week from another storming Norwich based band of cheeky youngsters! Oh boy! Conor, my glamorous assistant recorded them, and did as sterling a job as usual. Go and check King Blood live if you get the chance. Yes, that includes you! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
LOBSTER - I love you. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
DISCHARGE LOUNGE - Well, this was a fun session! If you don't believe me, listen to it, and also look at the photos. And if you did believe me all along, still listen to it, and look at the photos. Basically, just listen to the damn session and look at the photos!! OK!! I love you.
MAYA LAW - Even though she's just 16, Maya is already all over the local music scene, playing live sessions for the BBC, doing lots of gigs, and I just had to get her into the studio for some analogue goodness for your ears. She has a fantastic voice. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
BEBOX - Having seen Bebox do her live thing at a few gigs, including on of Iain Lowery's OST nights at Cinema City, I knew I had to snare her for an OSS session. A few failed attempts later, and here we are. Voice, and loop station. That's it. Here are the results. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
ALTO 45 - It's good to have the Alto 45 boys back in Old School Studios. Even if there's been a nine year gap between visits. It seems like it was only yesterday. Or last month. OK, it seems like it was about five years ago. Definitely not nine. I was worried that we wouldn't even recognise each other. Turns out, none of us have really changed, which is reassuring.
THE WOODLAND CREATURES - Today is the long-time-coming return visit of folky acoustic duo Woodland Creatures. Their debut LP "Fool The Wolves" is out now, and is fantastic, so buy it, right now. No, hold on, listen to this session first, and THEN buy it. Yes, in that order. Thanks. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
HOT RAISIN - It's the old team, back together again! Myself and the Hot Raisin girls go back a long way. All the way to the city centre in fact! So, you can imagine how excited I am to have them back in the studio for a radio session after all these years, with a new band name, and a new set of songs. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
ROBYN ASTRID - I found out about Robyn's music via local legend Richard Shashamane's excellent, on which he puts up photos and videos from the 4-5 local gigs that he goes to every night of the week here in Norwich. I often rely on his site for informing me about new local bands and artists that I don't yet know about, and Robyn was one of them. Thanks Richard, and thanks Robyn! And don't forget Dan on trumpet! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
BALD WIFE - I saw this band play a storming set to a packed crowd at The Playhouse Bar in Norwich recently, and simply had to book them for a session. And here it is. BIG, bangy drums, played by a big, bangy drummer, sludgy guitar played through a bass amp, and growly disgruntled vocals. What's not to like?
FEDERAL TELE - I'm not very good with keeping up with all the latest hot genres, but I guess you'd describe this as post-rock. And it really does rock! And it posts a little bit too! So, that's both bases covered there. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE EXTONS - Tonight ladels and jellyspoons, we have for you a great little band from Kings Lynn, called The Extons. They were recommended to be by my glamorous assistant, Conor Etteridge, and he was jolly well right; they're excellent! Have a listen! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE SOUND OF SIGHT - Been wanting to book Sound Of Sight for a long time. Since they played as a trio at an Old School Studios private party a while back. As you can hear with your very own ears, this was a fun one. Although, I did have to edit out about 15 minutes of chithcat between the songs, haha! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
DUM DEE & THE GOONS - It took a while to sort this session out, but we persisted, and eventually found an evening that the band and I could both be at the studio at the same time. I feel that that is the secret behind this session.
ROPE STORE - If you like your music with a touch of soul, and if you like it crunchy, and a little bit drunk, then you're in for a treat, of sorts! If you're regular BTR listeners, then you may well know Gemma & I from the Seal Of Approval Show, which we co-host together. Rope Store is our other musical outlet. And along with with 6 other friends, we sometimes play shows. It sounds, a little something, like this..
13TH CHIME - This week's band are the legendary UK goth band 13th Chime. They formed in Haverhill, UK in 1980, building up a HUGE following at their live shows, and releasing three fantastic singles over the next few years. All of those singles have recently been re-released, and they're now in demand again all over the world, being offered shows in the USA, Russia, Poland, and all over Europe. They just played in Russia, and are in Poland in October, and I'm hoping they play soon in the UK, and for you in the USA.
Live @ Old School Studios: The Baron Four
CHAD MASON - If you're a long-time listener to the show, you'll have heard Chad Mason before, whether you realise it or not; as he's a regular at our Old School Studios parties, and we've had many an All Star (Drunken) Jam til the early morn. You'll also have heard him on the old Planet Beet show, and may have seen him playing at one of the MANY festivals & venues that he's played over the last few years, which are too numerous to list.
TONY BROOK - Well what a pleasure it was to meet and record Tony Brook. His songs draw you in, in a way that only the blues can. He's not only a great player & singer, but he's also great with a crowd, and he proved that by leaving the studio and going straight to play a gig to a packed audience who loved every second. He played electric guitar at the gig, with a drummer and bassist, and the band sounded great, so I'm going to try to get them into the studio as soon as possible. Thanks to Yve Mary Barwood for harmonising on the last song, and introducing me to Tony.
MR DAVID VINER - There are a variety of music-based ways that you may have heard of Mr David Viner. You may already be a fan of his from his first few LPs. You may be able to look into the future, and are a fan of his forthcoming LP (which is out late September), or you may have seen him on tour with people like The Von Bondies, The White Stripes, Dr John, and others. Not bad eh! And he's here, now, in the studios that they like to call "Old", and "School".
BEBOX - Having seen Bebox do her live thing at a few gigs, including on of Iain Lowery's OST nights at Cinema City, I knew I had to snare her for an OSS session. A few failed attempts later, and here we are. Voice, and loop station. That's it. Here are the results. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
SAM LEES - Well, what a lovely time I had meeting Sam and recording this session! Sam plays solo gigs around the Norwich area, and my glamorous some-time assistant Conor recommended him to me, saying "ooh, Sam Lees, his set is fun!". Which it is! Here's the proof, incase you're used to me lying.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
SAVAGE ISLAND - The band formerly known as Juke & The All Drunk Orchestra are BACK, and only very slightly less drunk than before. That's progress for ya. As many of you will know, they're probably my favourite local band, and they deserve to be playing all over the world. Let's see what we can do about that.
JOLIE HOLLAND - This week, we have a lovely intimate set from the fantastic Jolie Holland. And what a pleasure it was to meet Jolie, Stevie the guitarist, and Thorsten the tour manager. I'm sure our paths will cross again.
THE TEAMSTERS - These guys sure know a good song when they hear one, and write it, and then play it, and you hear it and think "wow, these guys are playing some great covers!", and then you find out that these songs are NOT covers, but in fact are their own amazing songs! And you cry, because you feel like such a fool, and are always embarrassing yourself in public.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE WASH - Tonight is for fans of psych, prog, avante guarde, and other fantastic genres like that. The Wash is made up of David on guitar (who also drums in various bands), Shane (who is in Bavarian Rocket Groop), on keyboard & piano, and James Mason (no, not that one) also on guitar. Oh, and for one time only, there's a special handsome guest on bass, and a little bit of drums.. Stop it, I'm blushing.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
BOX OF LIGHT - I have a bit of a thing about deliberately getting this band's name wrong, but just for today, their special day, I'm going to resist calling them Light Box, or Boxes Of Lights, and stick to their real name, Box Of Light. They are one of my all time faves of all time, and we love each other a lot. Probably forever?
BIRDS OF HELL - This week's victim, I mean, band, is Birds Of Hell. Birds Of Hell aren't in fact plural most of the time, being mainly Pete doing singing & playing, and stamping in a jingly jangly shoe. But he's joined on a few songs by Ben C Winn (famous!), and our very own Iain Lowery, on the bassy guitar.
THE FOOLS MOON - My good friend and band-mate Georgie had been going on and on about The Fools Moon for months, and when an empty session slot became available I leapt at the chance to record them, and they leapt at the chance to record with me of course. Hehe. I'm sure we'll be working together again in the not too distant future, and make sure you go and see them if you can, as they're excellent live.
PHOEBE TROUP - I was at an all-dayer gig recently, and as is usual with these things, they often involve sitting through a lot of rubbish acts. Well, this one was no different, and so when this young girl took to the floor I didn't know what to expect, and was blown away by her voice, her songs, and her ease for being in front of an expectant crowd. I was then going to grab her and book her for a session, but she left before I had the chance. It was then a task to find out her name, search her out online, and bring her to you in digital form, here on Live @ Old School Studios. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
HOLLY LERSKI - I'd seen Holly's name around the local music scene for many years, but for some reason that escapes both of us, we hadn't met until today. I noticed that Holly was headlining the Norwich Arts Centre, for the launch of her new LP, and so I grabbed the chance to get her into the studios they like to call Old School, for this session that you're about to hear. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES - I'd first heard the band on a number of excellent Funk & Soul compilations over the last few years, and was ever so pleased to find out that they were going to be playing a show here in Norwich. I immediately contacted Nick, and said "how about a session?", and Nick being Nick, he obliged. They left Newcastle at 8am, to get to the studio at 2pm, recorded the session in just a few hours, and were out of here by 5pm to go and soundcheck for their show.
THE ANNA MUDEKA BAND - I am in a band with an excellent drummer and lovely human called Tom. I first saw him drumming in a band called The Anna Mudeka Band a few years ago, and quite why it's taken me this long to book them for a session, I just don't know. This was a lot of fun, and I really emplore you to go and see them live, as Anna is a fantastic dancer, and it's not to be missed. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
TIBETAN NIGHT TERRORS - Well, today's session is gonna be a lorra, lorra fun! Even without the Cilla Black accent, it's going to be a surprise, surprise, and the unexpected is definitely going to hit you between the eyes, or rather, the ears. Haha, how's that for a description of the band! Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE PUPPETEERS - Well this was a fun set to record! Loads of energy, and some really good songs, played by a bunch of really nice people, makes Jason a slightly less dull boy. Make sure you go out and catch the band live, if you live in the UK. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
METALLEG - Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
MORNING HAIR - I used to have a band with a similarly inspired name, called The Secret Hairdresser. I had shortish hair at the time, and some days I would wake up and my hair would be perfectly tousled and styled, as if there'd been a secret hairdresser in the night. When Morning Hair get older, if the band's still together when they start balding, they could always change their name to Mourning Hair. So, they've got that to look forward to.
TRACEY BROWNE - Tracey drove down from Manchester especially for the session, so count yourself lucky listeners. It was lovely to meet and hang out with her for a few hours, and I hope you enjoy the session.
BEST INTENTIONS - Well, we've got a fun set for you today, with Norwich's "Best Intentions" perking the place up with their punk pop type stuff. Conor and I were stage-diving off of the mixing desk, onto the lovely couch in the control room. It's OK, we'll get the mixing desk repaired before next week's session, so don't worry about that.
THE SOUND OF SIGHT & ROPE STORE - What a night ladles & jellyspoons, what, a night! Kicking off the last Old School Studios Private Party we had The Sound Of Sight, which has been recorded for posterity, to analog(ue) tape, for your very, very ears. After that, we have the debut set by Rope Store. Or, part of it. Then, as if that wasn't enough, we have a snippet of the 3hr All Star Jam!
THE BARON FOUR - We've wanted to book The Baron Four for ages! And finally it happened, the planets and stars aligned. 60s Beat featuring Mike (formerly of Thee Vicars!), with enough energy to get anyone and everyone dancing. If you're in France, go and see them soon, as they seem very popular there.
BEN SMITH - This week's show is brought to you live on tape from Brooklyn's best venue, The Grand Victory! I was lucky enough to record a load of shows there last June, and I've gradually been bringing them to you bit by bit since then. This one's a doozy, featuring frontman from The Brought Low, the amazing Ben Smith. If you're wondering why the photos aren't from the gig, it's because I was busy doing the live sound mix, AND recording it separately to reel to reel tape, so I wasn't able to leave the booth to go down the front. You'll just have to use your imagination, or better still, why not go and see Ben playing a show? Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
NERVOUS TWITCH - This week, we're fresh, or rather, hungover, from the gig that Nervous Twitch did last night at The Blueberry in Norwich. The gig was great, apart from a couple of career drunk women "dancing" at the front, one of whom knocked Erin's synth off of its stand. Whoopsy Goldberg! Apart from that though, the gig was great, and we all hung out and had great chats afterwards. Then we stumbled into Old School Studios the next day for a quick session, before the band had to head off, back north to Leeds.
This week, we have a dreamy and reverb-drenched set from Cove Hithe. I'd never met them until this session, but my glamorous assistant Conor has seen them live before, and was very impressed. I think you will be too. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
EMILY WINNG - What an amazing Old School Studios Private Party it was! Kicking off this time we had the amazing Emily Winng, from Sargasso Trio, helped out by my Planet Beet co-host Iain, and Maria (Girl In A Thunderbolt), with added goodness from James & Ben Sargasso, and our friend Mark on the bassy guitar. Look out for Beast With A Gun next week!
ANYTHING MAN - Regular listeners to the show will know that we have semi-regular parties at the studio, where we invite only the loveliest of people, who come along, watch the bands, have fun, and some of them jam afterwards, randomly making up songs, well into the early hours. Well, this band includes four of those people (Justina, Bromley, Andy & Joe), as they'll be semi-improvising some songs for you now, along with Mic on drums.
BEBOX - Having seen Bebox do her live thing at a few gigs, including on of Iain Lowery's OST nights at Cinema City, I knew I had to snare her for an OSS session. A few failed attempts later, and here we are. Voice, and loop station. That's it. Here are the results. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
BORN LOOSE - What can I say about Born Loose that hasn't been said already..? A truly legendary live band from Brooklyn, fronted by one of the best frontmen in the world, ever, Larry May. On the night of the gig, I couldn't really understand a great deal of what Larry was saying between songs, but on this recording it's all crystal clear, and hilarious! Thanks to Sean and all my lovely friends at The Grand Victory. This one's a real doozy!
THE VICARS OF STIFFKEY - If you're wondering whether this week's band is really a bunch of vicars, from the village/town (I'm not sure which) of Stiffkey, on the North Norfolk coast in the U of the K, then you'll just have to stay tuned to my opening monologue to find out. That's all I'm going to say. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
FEDERAL TELE - I'm not very good with keeping up with all the latest hot genres, but I guess you'd describe this as post-rock. And it really does rock! And it posts a little bit too! So, that's both bases covered there. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
MARLA - It's a sort of return visit for Marla, only last time they were here the band had a different name, and a load of different songs, and we were in a different building. So, probably not worth mentioning that..I'm pleased with the sound of this session. Nice and bangy. That's two good things. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE RED CORDS - It's party time here at the studios they like to call old school. And kicking it off we have, or had (because the party was a few weeks ago) The Red Cords! Their set blew the cobwebs out of my ears. I really should've cleaned my ears before now, but it just never occurs to me, honest!