Punk Party - Week of 08/03/16

Premiere DateAug 3, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:26 Oh Sara Papa Satch
04:38 Ain't Gonna To Be No Rain Thomas Cohen
08:31 Got to Throw It Open Mariya May
10:56 Quite Like You Andy Shauf
14:13 Dreamland The Galaxy Electric
18:48 DJ RePete
19:40 Get On the Floor C.W. Stoneking
23:14 Nick Lower The Everymen
26:56 My Pretty Green Eyed Carolina Girl The Everymen
32:48 Okinawa Black Flamingos
35:35 El Toro / Satan's Pilgrims Satan's Pilgrims
37:41 DJ RePete
38:22 Ten Seconds Ane Brun
41:33 So Long Led To Sea
45:09 Certain Kinds Of Lies Led To Sea
49:05 Ding Dang My Brightest Diamond
51:30 Pneumatic Mystery Envelopes Half-handed Cloud
54:15 DJ RePete
54:39 Oxen Hope Mirah
58:43 Deeper TheSatisfaction
62:22 Better Things Pt 2 déCollage
65:11 But You Blood Orange
68:12 Stress Weaves
72:22 DJ RePete
72:52 Dispossessor Deerhoof
74:58 Apparent Transparent - Angry Angles
76:59 Things Are Moving Angry Angles
79:30 Wrecked White Fang
81:54 No Brains No Balls The Zig Zags
84:49 DJ RePete
85:03 Clouded Head White Night
86:39 Dr. Bellows White Night
89:14 Death Valley Boogie Death Valley Girls
91:44 Turntable JuliaWhy?
94:23 Part of Your Crowd Pretty City
97:05 DJ RePete
97:26 Season In Hell Dum Dum Girls
100:25 I Could Rob You Plasticines
103:49 In Front Of Myself Adult Books
107:38 Slippin Feels
110:41 How Strange It Is Xenia Rubinos
113:53 DJ RePete
114:29 Your Best American Girl Mitski
117:48 Dave’s Song Whitney
120:30 Finish

Catch up on your #musicdiscovery this week with DJRePete in the Listening Booth where he’s spinning pop alt with Papa Satch and Thomas Cohen, more surf vibes from Black Flamingos and Satan’s Pilgrims, and some R&B via Mirah and TheSatisfacation. Plus, hit some global festival previews and release shows going on from Europe to the states to Australia. And don’t miss a punk party spotlight with some new tracks via Deerhoof and throwbacks from the likes of the Dum Dum Girls! That’s your Wednesday lineup on the Listening Booth with DJRepete on BTRToday!

Thomas Cohen
Thomas Cohen / Photo by Thomas Cohen

My Brightest Diamond
My Brightest Diamond / Photo by My Brightest Diamond

Led To Sea

Led To Sea / Photo by Led To Sea

DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…