The Listening Booth: Triptastic Electro Spotlight

Premiere DateJul 12, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:49 Charm Assault Ride
04:43 Dance of Love Mr. Flannery and His Feelings
06:56 Big Fish (BTR Live Studio, 2017) The Gift
11:46 Clinic Hope (BTR Live Studio, 2017) The Gift
15:44 Mic Break
16:19 The World's Too Much With Us Moons of Mercury
19:06 Girl On a Wire .357 Lover
22:03 See Through Hop Medium Mystic
23:57 Let's Call It Off Peter Bjorn & John
27:31 Warcry Hollow Everdaze
30:55 Coming Up For Air Mercury Rev
34:02 Mic Break
34:31 Nobody But You Fai Baba
38:25 Evolution Sarah Bethe Nelson
42:50 Sorry Doesn't Know Jenn Grant
46:58 Bad Universe Las Rosas
49:56 Shoulda Coulda Woulda Ty Richards
54:08 Mic Break
54:34 Party Next Door White Reaper
56:48 Red Shift The Planes
59:20 Day Old Glory Loose Tooth
61:15 Books Captain, We're Sinking
64:41 Smash 2 Captain, We're Sinking
67:23 Black Hanz The Moonlandingz
71:38 I'd Kill for Her The Black Angels
74:50 Mic Break
75:38 Yard Shannen Moser
77:31 Sun Beholds Me Hand Habits
83:02 My Complexion Little Lapin
86:12 Sycamore Tree Holly Macve
92:06 Move Me (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Lexie Roth
96:23 Mic Break
96:46 Global Fear Noga Erez
100:17 Laces Sweet Crude
103:33 Out Of The Lights Trementina
106:33 No Control Trementina
109:02 Is It Always Binary Soulwax
112:30 Mic Break
113:08 Step Out Into The Light (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Matisyahu
120:30 Finish

Midweek on BTRToday means fresh tracks in the Listening Booth. Hit up the debut of alt band Moons of Mercury, along with electronica crossover from Ride, folk with Fai Baba, and trippy electro beats via Noga Erez. Also, tune in for live cuts from the BTR Live Studio via The Gift, Lexie Roth, and Matisyahu. Plus, ‘tis the festival season, so hit up info on four festivals spanning the US and Europe! That’s your midweek mix with DJRePete on BTRToday!

Host DJ RePete
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