Week of 02/15/17

Premiere DateFeb 15, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:45 Dean’s Room Allison Crutchfield
04:55 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (The Lionheart Mix) Florence and the Machine
09:39 Utopia Austra
13:38 I Love When Music Takes Me Away Kokolo
18:21 Mic Break
18:56 How Does It Make You Feel? Once & Future Band
24:34 C.P.U. Apples In Stereo
28:04 Told You Once Apples In Stereo
31:52 Dislocated Heart Adam Lareau
35:01 Notes from Captivity Holy Tunics
37:59 Red Corolla Rental The Youngest
41:08 Mic Break
41:37 Bruised Ego Fletcher C Johnson
43:43 Drowsy Horse Thief
46:38 Country Kills Popstrangers
49:57 Tie Up The Tides Quilt
53:24 When I Was A Boy Tobin Sprout
55:36 Mic Break
55:58 Loincloth Kino Kimino
59:31 I Want You No Ice
62:18 Want BOYTOY
65:12 Wearing It Walrus
69:43 Close Eyes Walrus
73:04 Puff Priests
74:48 True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will Japandroids
79:01 Mic Break
80:05 Nardwuar Brother Ali
83:58 Still Eyes Glue featuring Paul Morton
89:18 Wherever You Are Psyche Origami
92:31 The Wise Luchyiam
96:54 Blast Your Radio Living Legends
100:34 Mic Break
100:47 Rude Boy Ray Lugo
105:05 NDW (instrumental) dunkelbunt
109:37 Perfect 11 Acorn Lane
112:48 Saturn The Olympians
116:13 Mars The Olympians
117:25 Mic Break
117:35 Nightlife Delicate Steve
119:56 Finish

A dose of music discovery awaits in the Listening Booth with DJRePete on BTRToday. Tune in for new tracks from Allison Crutchfield, Once & Future Band, and Fletcher C Johnson. Also, a mix of electro alt throwbacks from Quilt, Popstrangers, and The Apples in Stereo. And an unexpected bonus track by alt band The Evaporators inspires a spotlight rabbit hole of hip hop beats and funk. Plus, trippy goodness with the latest lyricless adventure from Delicate Steve. Ear candy awaits with DJRePete on BTRToday!

Allison Crutchfield - Tourist In This Town

Allison Crutchfield


Priests - Nothing Feels Natural



Delicate Steve- This Is Steve

Delicate Steve

Host DJ RePete
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