Unofficial End of Summer Surf Mix

Premiere DateSep 1, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:48 Girl You're Out Of Time The Creation Factory
04:22 Daisies #4 Echo Courts
07:57 Chola Surf Thee Commons
10:12 Lets Go Surfing The Drums
13:02 Apache Los Straitjackets
17:03 Devil's Punchbowl Black Flamingos
19:58 Mic Break
20:35 Surf N' Girth ¡Oh No! And The Tiger Pit
22:56 Surf Heart The Love Dimension
25:44 Surfer's Lament Johnathan Rice
28:54 Party in the Back High Waisted
30:54 Flotsam Tough Age
32:31 Coyote The Nude Party
36:32 321 Hierophants
39:08 Mic Break
39:52 California Rock Jeremy & The Harlequins
42:24 Nothing Civil Jeremy & The Harlequins
45:57 Amy Beechwood
48:41 Great No One The Beths
51:59 Achey Bones The Happy Fits
55:18 Mic Break
56:01 Where I’m From EELS
58:39 You Are Here Tomberlin
62:18 Riding Into the Sunset in a Busted Car Free Cake For Every Creature
64:06 Tom or Mike or Pat or Free Cake For Every Creature
66:33 The Chorus In The Underground Great Lake Swimmers
69:47 Pins and Needles Boca Chica
74:06 Mic Break
74:26 Fruity Rubblebucket
78:07 PORTALS Creux Lies
84:35 Summer Blade You Drive
87:28 Ever Closer United Ghosts
90:46 Mic Break
91:06 Amor Fati Champagne Superchillin
94:17 Stray Observations Astronauts etc.
97:18 Lazy Love Tanukichan
100:15 Backwards Cannons
104:14 Nevermind, Never Mine Cannons
106:30 Lyngr Steve Hauschildt
110:48 Mic Break
111:18 Evil Sin Shy Boys
113:43 Champion Shy Boys
116:41 Good Friday WHY?
120:22 Finish

We’re celebrating (the not end of) summer in the Listening Booth today with a surf rock mix to accompany your holiday weekend adventures. Hit up new beach born tracks from The Creation Factory and Echo Courts, along with Ventures-like throwbacks from Black Flamingos and High Waisted. Plus, check out must hear new alt from Jeremy & the Harlequins and The Beths—who play this weekend’s King Street Crawl festival in Sydney’s Newtown. And stick around for a dose of trippy electronica with Shy Boys and Champagne Superchillin.

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