The Secret Origin of Aussie band Hockey Dad

Premiere DateMar 24, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
01:00 All Those Stars Will Varley
03:53 Under A Darker Moon John Murry
06:55 Christa Las Rosas
11:17 Endless Nights Good Field
14:31 Read Between The Lines Hurry
17:36 Mic Break
18:49 Running Out Hockey Dad
22:52 Spotted Gold stef chura
25:09 I Got Cut Superchunk
27:54 Mic Break
28:22 No Salesman (BTR Live Studio, 2018) Jordan Klassen
33:20 Hold Me Daniel Docherty
38:51 World Eyes Will Adlard
42:15 Wednesday Morning Robert Earl Thomas
46:09 What Am I Gonna Do Robert Earl Thomas
49:55 Sleepless Dreamer Pearl Charles
53:27 Mic Break
54:03 The Light Of Spring Fine China
56:32 Heather Blinker the Star
59:33 The Greatest Living Englishman Martin Newell
63:49 Realistic Saturation Operator Music Band
67:06 Weak Blushing
71:29 Spread So Thin Born Ruffians
74:38 Inside Wax Poetic
78:36 Mic Break
79:09 If You Talk To Symbol / Hostility Voyeur Of Montreal
87:20 Ullswater Hookworms
92:56 A Beautiful Cog in the Monolithic Death Machine Chemtrails
96:05 Wishbone Chemtrails
98:49 Mic Break
98:59 Gush Monogold
100:02 Survive Hollie Cook
103:12 Promenade A La Mer (Samba Lounge Mix) Intended Immigration
106:26 Sycamore American Pleasure Club
109:17 Dreamin' Elastic Bond
112:49 Mic Break
113:32 Damned Devotion Joan As Police Woman
116:34 On a Night Like This Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue
129:30 Finish

Plenty to discover in the Listening Booth today with DJRePete who is spinning the latest record by Of Montreal as well as Joan as Police Woman in an electronica crossover mix. Also, tune in for an exclusive folk track out of the BTR Live Studio by Jordan Klassen, some album news from alt band Las Rosas, and rock with stef chura. And hit up the tale of how an Australian band got the name Hockey Dad, despite the poor popularity of the ice sport in the country and instead due to the popularity of the Simpsons. That’s this week’s mix in the Listening Booth on BTRtoday!


Host DJ RePete
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