The many music personas of Chaz Bear

Premiere DateJan 13, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:32 Waiting All We Are
04:39 Seemed Like Word Got Around Blank Range
07:41 A Sickness Roya
10:49 Anybody Out There Young Mister
14:25 Anna Will Butler
18:13 Mic Break
19:01 Thrum a Dum Spud Cannon
21:41 At Last Jukebox The Ghost
25:14 Waves Electric Guest
28:16 Ocean's Deep Born Ruffians
31:04 Young Vultures Saint Rich
34:19 Volleyball The Herms
37:44 Invisible Friend Saturday Looks Good To Me
40:01 Mic Break
40:23 Tangerine Beach Fossils
43:34 Dive Saint Etienne
48:20 Roseanne Nodding Tree Remedies
52:47 My Mine H. Hawkline
56:55 My Fair Lady Of Montreal
61:13 She Ain't Speakin' Now Of Montreal
64:43 Mic Break
64:54 Premonition HOLY
67:30 Go Yowler
71:00 Spider Celebration
74:37 Oh Child Trementina
78:04 Horizon Tycho
82:50 Gravity Wins Mothertapes
85:50 Concrete Sea Howth
89:24 Bellow Les Sins
93:42 Mic Break
94:32 I Got to Smile Mariya May
97:03 Saint Ivy Beach Fossils
100:00 Silver Toaster Palehound
102:02 New Shoes Peachtea
104:41 Love Radiating Swear and Shake
108:29 The Everglades (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Walter Martin
111:34 Mic Break
112:06 Wash My Hands Shorty The I.L.Y's
115:10 Rockopop Thomas Mudrick
119:30 Finish

This week in The Listening Booth with DJRePete, we check in with the many music personas of Chaz Bear! You may know him from his alternative band Toro Y Moi or by his electronica spinning DJ name Les Sins. Either way, hear about the man whose “music hobby” landed him a recognized holiday in the city of Berkeley, CA. Also tune in for new alt tracks from All We Are and Spud Cannon and ballads with Beach Fossils and Walter Martin from the BTR Live Studio. That’s your weekly mix with DJRePete in The Listening Booth on BTRtoday!


Host DJ RePete
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