Week of 07/13/16

Premiere DateJul 13, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:53 The Falls – Whitney
03:09 Follow – Whitney
06:23 Like Acid Rain Unknown Mortal Orchestra
08:23 The Magic Nico Yaryan
11:04 Lovers Lie Michael Rault
14:08 DJ RePete
14:41 Nightlife Casket Girls
18:13 Perpetuum Mobile Amber Arcades
22:23 Automatic Response – Pollyn
25:33 Chasing the Night A is for Atom
29:39 Thursday Girl Mitski
32:41 Going Home The Gurus
35:31 DJ RePete
36:14 Wild Things – Ladyhawke
40:43 Night Sky CHVRCHES
44:21 Crystal Ball Jay Arner
46:39 Eat Shiitake Mushrooms Let's Eat Grandma
49:26 Morning World – Teen Daze
53:36 DJ RePete
54:26 Same Old Thrill Tanbark
57:03 Song For Judee – Case / Lang / Veirs
60:11 Honey and Smoke – Case / Lang / Veirs
63:07 I'm Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me) – William Tyler
68:21 County Line Susto
71:38 DJ RePete
72:12 Either Way – Appomattox
75:33 Who Cares? The Alternate Routes
78:51 Merecedes 300d Oucho Sparks
82:59 The Professor Mumsdollar
86:29 DJ RePete
86:51 The Gayest Of Sunbeams Pink Mountaintops
90:43 Heavy Song The Blacks
94:04 All Y’all Gringo Star
96:44 Blackout The Iry
99:48 DJ RePete
100:05 Pretty Disaster Dead Rock West
103:33 Little Brains – Kabeedies
106:15 Tora Tora Tora Pretty & Nice
108:17 Sasha Don't Sleep The Dance Party
111:17 Alarm 1 Alarm 2 RadioRadio
115:21 Cross the Fader Poney Poney
118:40 DJ RePete
119:12 MK Ultra Exit Clov
120:30 Finish

This week on the Listening Booth hit up some electronica via the new album by Ladyhawke, lofi alternative from newcomer Whitney, and a folk bloc by the collaboration of case/lang/veirs. Plus, inspired by the recent BTRToday birthday celebration, DJRePete dives deep into the archives for a throwback alt rock set for you to discover or rediscover. And he spans the globe to highlight five festivals going down this weekend, including this Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and both the Latitude Festival in the UK and the Longitude Festival in Ireland. That’s your weekly dose in the Listening Booth on your BTRToday Wednesday with DJRePete!

Whitney / Photo by Whitney

Ladyhawke / Photo by Ladyhawke

case veirs lang / Photo by case veirs lang

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