Week of 07/06/16

Premiere DateJul 6, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:36 Mexican Chef Xenia Rubinos
04:20 Close My Eyes Feels
08:07 The Two Sides of Monsieur Valenti Spoon
10:56 No Care Daughter
13:46 Sleeping Bag White Fang
14:38 DJ RePete
15:01 Lemontrees Eagulls
19:27 Luminosity The Galaxy Electric
23:13 In A Day Pale Dian
29:27 Eyes Of Them All Andy Shauf
33:12 Witching Hour Supermoon
35:59 1973 Beth Orton
38:46 If I Was Gileah Taylor
42:28 DJ RePete
43:02 Happiness Hill Gileah Taylor
47:56 Far Away And Hard To See Tanya Donelly
50:56 Road Mimes of Wine
55:21 Ghost In My Bed Tim Heidecker
56:47 Deep into the Trees Mariya May
59:58 DJ RePete
60:30 How Long C.W. Stoneking
63:31 Woman Blues The Questions
67:25 Knee High Boogie Blues - Richard Swift
74:12 Gonna Get A Gun The Rusty Guns
78:25 DJ RePete
78:37 Woodland Rock Ty Segall
81:03 Masterpiece Big Thief
84:48 Growing Up In Mississippi Hill Country Revue
90:38 Good Looking Babies Tim Heidecker
95:01 Without Your Skin Keaton Simons
98:59 DJ RePete
99:14 Luckiest Man King Khan & The Shrines
102:55 I Know You Didn't Mean It Mose Allison
106:16 Blues on Thursday Alex Levin Trio
113:46 DJ RePete
114:15 Never Go Away Mighty Sam McClain
120:10 Finish

Get your weekly does of music discovery via the Listening Booth and DJRePete. This week, hit up rock alt from Xenia Rubinos and White Fang, electronica cross-over alt from the Smiths-sounding Eagulls, and folk from the likes of Tanya Donelly. Also, grab that passport and hit up info and artists playing four festivals spanning France to Canada to Portugal to Slovakia. And enter the Backroom in the Listening Booth for this week’s spotlight on blues, featuring traditional tracks by C.W. Stoneking and The Rusty Guns. That’s your Wednesday mix with DJRePete on BTRToday!

Xenia Rubinos / Photo by Xenia Rubinos

Andy Shauf / Photo by Andy Shauf

Cian Nugent / Photo by Cian Nugent

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