Week of 06/01/16

Premiere DateJun 1, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:16 Bonhomie Pity Sex
03:13 Sleep When I'm Dead A Giant Dog
05:45 Giddy Up Dressy Bessy
08:56 He's Not A Boy The Like
11:28 DJ RePete
11:46 Heart (Goes Boom) Sunwolf
14:40 Border On Border Night Moves
18:10 Fire Summer Twins
23:21 I'm Going Higher M. Ward
26:54 Passenger Dutch Party
29:55 Hello Miss Lonesome Marlon Williams
33:06 DJ RePete
33:42 Teen Feelings Night School
36:08 Biton Tenniscoats
41:35 Tooraloo Tanya Donelly
44:11 I Yield Miwi LaLupa
47:07 Gurngy Thomas Mudrick
49:22 DJ RePete
49:56 Blue Against the Sky The BellRays
53:29 Le Blues à deux accords Marianne Feder
57:49 Humble Me Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
61:42 Sunshine Saun & Starr
65:29 Humble Me Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
69:20 DJ RePete
69:47 Shakey Mama Blues Leopold And His Fiction
72:25 Dannemora Blues The Pack A.D.
77:03 Gypsy's Curse Lazy Poker
81:52 21st Century Blues (Clean) JoshuaGabriel
87:26 6ft Down Blues Kula Shaker
91:09 Jumpies Blues Irv Irving
94:02 Saint Thomas Bibio
97:34 DJ RePete
97:53 Willow Blues Juba Dance
102:35 Come Home Blues Mark Pickerel And His Praying Hands
106:20 On My Way Cocoon
109:03 DJ RePete
109:26 Anywhere But Here Behavior
113:11 Got The Blues Paul Frick
119:40 Finish

DJRePete turns the calendar for you with alt rock tracks by Pity Sex and A Giant Dog, more folk from Tenniscoats and Tanya Donnelly, and throwbacks from The Like and M. Ward. And speaking of throwbacks, DJRePete harkens back to his Backroom Blues Hour program with a spotlight featuring R&B by The BellRays, rock from The Pack A.D. , and folk blues with Juba Dance. Plus, hit up info on the upcoming Celebrate Brooklyn festival featuring Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings as well as the members of Saun & Starr. That’s your Listening Booth line-up and your June start on BTRtoday!

Dressy Bessy / Photo by Dressy Bessy

Summer Twins / Photo by Summer Twins

The Pack AD / Photo by The Pack AD

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…