Week of 05/18/16

Premiere DateMay 18, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:26 1973 Fauna Shade
04:58 Elegant Design Pond
09:03 Changes Made John Cale
12:49 Cuttime Rococode
16:35 DJ RePete
17:20 Lucky Love Tanya Donelly
21:08 Heal Him Now UNA
25:07 Afrobeat Bür Gür
30:22 Two And A Glass Rose Denison Witmer
33:40 DJ RePete
33:55 Trembles Part II Alex Napping
37:58 Dead Weight White Lung
40:25 I'll Come Crashing A Giant Dog
43:44 Dorchester Hotel The Sounds
47:45 White Lie Lullabies Eagulls
51:33 DJ RePete
52:19 Casanova Night School
55:14 Burden You Pity Sex
58:48 Season In Hell Dum Dum Girls
61:48 Runaway Plasticines
65:28 Sour Candy Bleached
69:14 DJ RePete
69:46 How You Got That Girl Ex Hex
72:43 Jamais Vu The History Of Apple Pie
76:36 Atop A Cake Alvvays
79:51 Beyond Clueless Summer Camp
82:43 DJ RePete
82:52 Robotic Hannah Georgas
86:45 Peculiar Paradise Chairlift
91:38 Crave You Flight Facilities feat. Giselle
95:29 Tomorrow Electric Youth
100:41 DJ RePete
100:57 Not Given Lightly B. Fleischmann
105:51 Pins and Needles Boca Chica
110:11 Peppermint Candy Lily & Madeleine
113:43 Money Gnomes Arc Iris
117:20 DJ RePete
117:55 Can't Own You Spookyland
120:30 Finish

Get your midweek music discovery fix in the Listening Booth today with DJRePete. He’s got more collaborations from Tanya Donelly’s Swan Series, electro alt via Alex Napping and Eagulls, and a “Bowie-inspired” set featuring Fauna Shade and a throwback by Pond. Plus hit up info on the upcoming Bravalla Festival in Sweden featuring hometown band The Sounds. And don’t miss an all-female vocals spotlight with the likes of Chairlift, Ex Hex, Night School, and Pity Sex. That’s what’s doin on this edition of the Listening Booth on your BTRtoday Wednesday!

Fauna Shade / Photo by Fauna Shade

Night School / Photo by Night School

Pity Sex / Photo by Pity Sex

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