Week of 04/27/16

Premiere DateApr 27, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 DJ RePete
00:30 Chemical Air Bleached
03:33 Changes Made (M: FANS) John Cale
07:20 Sugartree Benji Hughes
09:18 Doped Up Dollies On A One Way Ticket To Blood Big D & The Kids Table
13:28 DJ RePete
14:15 Follow Me Talisco
17:17 Perfect OK Hey Marseilles (feat. Reggie Watts)
20:47 Firewalking Adult Books
24:55 Strange Brush Pillar Point
30:23 DJ RePete
30:50 You're Evil Coves
34:05 Silent Eyes Keeps
39:19 Control Me Tancred
42:12 Imitator Dollys
45:08 Better Dollys
48:26 DJ RePete
48:45 The Fight Melaena Cadiz
51:45 I'm From Nowhere Neko Case
54:38 Begins to Rain La Sera
57:23 Black Flowers Kevin Morby
63:03 Orphans in the Key of E Damien Jurado
66:00 DJ RePete
66:42 Burt Reynolds ( Desert Visions ) Lushlife + CSLSX
72:44 Booty Call FCC - Sisyphus
75:02 West of Western Serengeti
79:23 Why Do You Feel Flight Facilities feat. Bishop Nehru
83:08 First Impressions Kele
86:58 DJ RePete
87:15 Check In Fiamma Fumana
90:01 Le Shin !DelaDap
96:05 A Conta Do Samba Tita Lima
101:14 Partido Alto Marcos Valle
106:00 Nakobala Lisusu Te Konono Nº1
109:58 Regret A Kader Barry - Ballaké Sissoko
113:36 Süt Ictim Dilim Yandi Anselmo Crew
117:28 DJ RePete
118:05 Together Those Leaves Yndi Halda
120:30 Finish

On this edition of the Listening Booth with DJRePete, dive into the new album by Bleached, hit some alt rock with Talisco, and zen out with folk from Melaena Cadiz. Plus, tune in for info on a trio of music festivals from North America to Europe, hit up a spotlight on BTRtoday’s Latin music talent, and check in with Neko Case on her latest collaboration project and summer tour. Also in the mix, beats from Lushlife, a throwback from Big D & The Kids Table, and a cameo by Reggie Watts. That’s your Wednesday start with the Listening Booth on BTRtoday!

Benji Hughes / Photo by Benji Hughes

Dollys / Photo by Dollys

Melaena Cadiz / Photo by Melaena Cadiz

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