Smarch Smorgasbord

Premiere DateMar 31, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
01:02 The Weather Robert Earl Thomas
03:33 Heatwave Hurry
07:20 Seven Days Will Varley
10:53 Holding on too tight Anna McClellan
14:31 There's A Light Jonathan Wilson
18:59 Mic Break
19:47 Give My Body Back The Low Anthem
21:37 22 Night Beds
25:13 Josie's Song William Fitzsimmons
28:49 Coast Town (BTR Live Studio, 2018) Benjamin Cartel
32:01 Mic Break
32:33 Happy Nive & The Deer Children
36:02 Old Stuff, New Glass The Orielles
40:33 Henry's Pocket The Orielles
44:33 Tir Ha Mor Gwenno
48:25 Akinetic In Tall Buildings
52:30 Mic Break
53:34 True Liberty Young Statues
56:46 Acetone Vundabar
59:14 Paranoia Liza Anne
62:14 Brainwaves Prism Tats
66:02 Sweet Release Hockey Dad
69:26 Slow Motion stef chura
71:32 Mic Break
71:43 Julio Dwarves
72:53 Here's Looking At You Dwarves
74:23 Apeman Cheap Tissue
76:26 Wrecking Machine Spiritual Cramp
78:46 Les Be in Love Surfbort
80:40 Dirt Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
85:24 Home Alone Titus Andronicus
93:39 Mic Break
93:55 Night Tides Pearl Charles
97:13 Shaky Throne T. Nile
100:56 Sunday Geowulf
104:31 Can It Be Love Jackson MacIntosh
107:06 Riddles Ed Schrader's Music Beat
111:38 Kid Radium Ed Schrader's Music Beat
114:58 Mic Break
115:30 Glitter Keys N Krates Feat. Ambré
118:59 Gravity Wins Mothertapes
120:30 Finish

The Listening Booth closes out the month with a smarch smorgasbord of music including addictive folk track by The Low Anthem, punk with Dwarves, some R&B alt from Pearl Charles, and trippy goodness with The Orielles. Also, DJRePete properly introduces you to alt rock band and BTRToday newcomer Young Statues whose origins probably have some Athens GA alt legend fairy dust to thank. And tune in to hear about a Dutch music venue with separate halls designed for specific genres. Appropriate for this genre smorgasbord edition of the Listening Booth on BTRToday!

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…