Scary Good Halloween Mix

Premiere DateOct 31, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
01:02 I'll Take It Boring Jordana
03:55 Every Halloween Howth
09:49 Night Time Creatures Lawn
12:57 Man Of Doom Matt Berry
16:09 Mic Break
16:26 Grotesque 8 Inch Betsy
19:18 Nebrasquoi Exploding Motives Symphony Orchestra
22:16 Shark Week LCG & the X
24:48 28 Days LCG & the X
28:08 Dance Political Skidmore Fountain
31:46 Mic Break
32:43 Looney Bin Ausmuteants
34:26 Jeer Jumbling Towers
37:54 Welcome to Bobby's Motel Pottery
39:52 Conspiracy The Rentals
44:13 Forgotten Astronaut The Rentals
48:46 Changes Made (M: FANS) John Cale
51:54 She's Heard your Bullshit The Ass Nuggets
54:37 SELF SABOTAGE Algae Guck
58:37 Faces The Archaeas
60:53 Red Study Osees
64:03 Said The Shovel Osees
68:35 Mic Break
69:25 Peaceful Paunch Chance Wiesner
72:08 Everything Is In Line My Brightest Diamond
76:34 Red Virgin Soil Agnes Obel
79:11 Song of the Sun Timbre
84:24 My Heart Is An Open Field Tenci
87:47 Working For The Men Drab City
89:49 Summer Clothes Orlando Weeks
93:26 Mic Break
94:24 There's a Fire Mariya May
98:44 Francesco London Plane
103:07 Monsters Animal Scream
105:34 Indifference Baer And The Lady
111:58 1978 Anjimile
116:22 Reaper Frankie and the Witch Fingers
120:08 Finish

Enter the Listening Booth for a scary good mix this Halloween on BTRtoday. Put on a mask for all the reasons as the spirit of the season haunts this playlist with new creepy alt from Osees, and Mariya May, spooky downbeats from Jordana and Matt Berry, and quirky throwbacks from Jumbling Towers and My Brightest Diamond. Plus, we hit up Drab City who wants you in their next music video and a single reminder that there’s an Election in the states this week via a Skidmore Fountain deep cut.

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…