Northside Festival Prep!

Premiere DateJun 2, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:54 Heavenstay Shana Falana
03:08 Thanksgiving I Heaters
06:12 Caballero Shamir
09:23 Dark Love Sam Evian
14:00 Ambling Alp Yeasayer
17:51 Fair Warning (Dirty Vegas Remix) Penguin Prison
23:08 Helen of Troy Telefon Tel Aviv
26:16 Mic Break
27:06 Too Much Freedom Lou Barlow
30:32 Howling Wolves Alex Rose
33:48 Go Yowler
36:59 Thinking About You Nite Jewel & Nicholas Krgovich
40:29 Mic Break
41:28 Notes from Captivity Holy Tunics
44:24 We Get High Together No Ice
48:33 Freedom Highway (The Staple Singers) Deerhoof
50:13 Last Girl Soccer Mommy
53:41 Boredom Dead Stars
56:23 Disgraced In America Ought
59:49 Mic Break
60:16 Newbie Active Bird Community
62:16 Slicked Weaves
66:24 Two Can Keep A Secret (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Wooing
68:56 Tell Me The Rizzos
72:29 Punch Drunk Bush Tetras
75:46 I Can't Wait Plastiq Passion
78:22 Mic Break
78:50 Tina's (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Grim Streaker
81:42 Darkside (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Grim Streaker
85:25 Sid Dirty Fences
88:37 Light Up Gold II Parquet Courts
89:48 Sludge River Mouth Sleepies
92:29 Mic Break
92:47 1984 Shellshag
95:01 Hot Glue Pill
98:20 A.I.Y.M? Pill
101:09 Isolator Parlor Walls
106:02 Less YVETTE
108:29 Dominate Yourself Pissed Jeans
111:36 Mic Break
112:23 Halls Of The Summer Caspian
116:35 Some Are White Light Caspian
120:30 Finish

It’s the Northside Festival edition of The Listening Booth with DJRePete! Prep your route or live vicariously with this wall-to-wall festival talent mix including electronica from Penguin Prison, alt with Deerhoof, and rock with Weaves. Also, don’t miss info on the BTRtoday showcase featuring Shana Falana and Lou Barlow. And hit some psychedelic punk rock from the likes of Shellshag and a trio of tracks from the BTR Live Studio to get you pumped for showcases at the Williamsburg Festival. Grab this podcast episode of the Listening Booth with DJRePete for your on-the-go Northside cheat sheet!

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…