DJRePete Best In Mix 2018 Part 1

Premiere DateDec 22, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
01:14 Bubblegum Confidence Man
04:39 Ginger Ale Hotel Mira
08:03 Nothing Civil Jeremy & The Harlequins
11:35 Live Like Me The Nude Party
15:14 Coney Island Baby PMS & the Mood Swings
17:27 Evil Postdata
19:52 The Lion's Share Sloan
22:24 Anymore The Sufis
24:33 Mic Break
25:01 Easy Way Out BRONCHO
27:58 Oscillation Wild Nothing
31:31 You're Okay Basement Revolver
34:57 The Light Of Spring Fine China
37:36 Spiral Cities Johnny Marr
41:37 Freshman Year High Sunn
44:33 Vacancy Old Faith
49:30 Mic Break
49:51 Kouzen Melissa Laveaux
51:57 Lydia Massage
55:13 Easier Love Gabrielle Marlena
58:13 Last Lion Of Albion Neko Case featuring K.D. Lang
61:44 Every Town Shannen Moser
64:15 Hot Star Tancred
67:07 Mic Break
67:34 Boxcar Blues Chet Vincent
70:51 So Long Pretty Baby Tenderfoot
73:35 The Keeper The Magic Numbers
76:30 Too Many Things To Hide Swampmeat Family Band
79:05 Younger Years The Milk Carton Kids
82:48 Mic Break
83:03 Don’t U Wanna Be Me Sometime? Miss World
85:14 Hello Kitty Knife Peach Kelli Pop
87:10 Say Less The Royal They
89:30 Margaret Swearin'
91:41 Apeman Cheap Tissue
93:44 Mic Break
94:06 Laying in the Sun (DNB Remix) Anemone
96:08 Bambi Hippo Campus
99:20 Back Down Bob Moses
103:03 In The Night Claptone feat. Ben Duffy
105:56 Blow My Mind Frankie Simone
109:33 Carousel Skylar Spence
113:35 Dancefloor Tracey Thorn
116:29 Mic Break
117:00 Breakfast Party, Pt.1 Mo Douglas
118:29 Please Don't Leave This Town Ty Segall & White Fence
120:00 Finish

DJRePete kicks off an annual tradition in The Listening Booth this week with part 1 of his year end Best In Mix. Tune in for a mix that’s sure to please with fem punk rock from Peach Kelli pop, alt folk with Neko Case, and electronica from the likes of Bob Moses. Also, preview a track by The Nude Party ahead of their New Year’s Eve show in New York at City Winery. And one lucky BTRtoday artist has found their way into this Best In Mix twice for the same song. Tricky. Check in with The Listening Booth on BTRtoday!

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