Cabin Fever Mix

Premiere DateMar 28, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:53 Take You Back Purr
04:15 Stitchin' The Seams Spendtime Palace
07:14 Tune In Spendtime Palace
10:59 D19 Disq
13:58 Leaving California Ryan Pollie
16:50 Suburban Dream Honey Cutt
19:18 Lonely After Yumi Zouma
22:51 Mic Break
23:39 When It All Comes True Lanterns On The Lake
27:41 Blue Screen Beams Lanterns On The Lake
32:04 Paper Cup Real Estate
36:17 Sneakers Bonus
39:52 Mic Break
40:20 Jackie's 15 Jordana
43:33 Multi-Love Unknown Mortal Orchestra
47:05 Come Down On Jupiter The Orielles
52:10 You've Had Me Everywhere Of Montreal
56:45 A Chemical Reaction The Cabin Fever
60:16 Mic Break
61:11 Going West With Secrets The Baird Sisters
64:25 A Ballad Is The Air That You Breathe Colossal Yes
67:04 Postcards From Italy Beirut
71:15 Mary Noah and the Whale
74:40 Give A Little Love Noah and the Whale
78:43 Hey You Born Ruffians feat. Maddy Wilde
81:46 Mic Break
82:07 Immerse Inverse Cuesta Loeb
86:17 Count On You Banoffee
89:27 Privacy Bell Towers
94:14 Want You (Need You) Bell Towers
98:30 I Walk Alone With Acid Pale Blue
103:54 Opportunity Kevin Krauter
107:21 Treasure Kevin Krauter
111:02 Mic Break
111:48 High Rise Cross Record
114:02 I Wanna Go Home The Burning Peppermints
116:37 Things I Wanted (with Quichenight) Jasmin Kaset
119:12 Rocky Mountains Peach Kelli Pop
120:29 Finish

Step out of the cabin fever and into The Listening Booth where DJRePete is dropping alt music before you can buy it by the Born Ruffians, electronica via Kevin Krauter, and throwbacks from Noah & the Whale. Also, hear the personal story behind Ryan Pollie’s solo albums, find out where you can stream sneaky new tracks by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and hit up a track literally from the band Cabin Fever.

Host DJ RePete
DJRePete is obsessed with the way we discover music. Each week he kickstarts your Saturday with The Listening Booth with alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, blues, jazz -- no genre is off limits! The mix is…