Ladies Skate Only
We're playing some of the best female artists played on Ladies Skate Only in 2018. Join us for part two of this three part series today on BTR! Featuring music from Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells, Hello June and more.
DJ Emily's got some of the best artists played on this all-female music mix in 2018. Check out artists like SC Mira, Caroline Says and Ruby Boots in the mix today.
Jasmin Kaset and Quichenight's new album "Tuxedo" is full of amazing 70s pop goodness. So, we are featuring the new album as the artist spotlight today. There is a new track from Laura Jane Grace in the mix. Plus, BTR's artist of the week Julia Holter.
Laura Jane Grace is dropping her solo debut album today and we've got it to start off the show. Plus, brand new music from Tasha and Julia Holter.
Anna St. Louis, Doe Paoro, Munya and Helena Deland are new on the show. Enjoy this all-female music mix. It's one hour of music that you won't want to miss.
Starting the show with the lead single off the debut LP from Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers. New tunes from Cat Power and Madeline Kenny. And, Ruby Boots is going on tour. Find out all the details on today's all-female music mix.
The ladies are bringing it for today's mix. Ladies Skate debuts from Hello June and Rachel Bachman. Plus Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells and more. Turn up the music for this all-female music show.
Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells are our artist spotlight. Plus new music from Ex-Debutante and The New Zeitgeist. Enjoy this all-female music mix on BTR!
Brand new track from Anna St. Louis and her upcoming release. Plus an artist spotlight on Whitney Ballen.
Today's mix features new music from Free Cake For Everyone and Tomberlin. Plus, an artist spotlight on The Beths featuring tracks from their debut album, "Future Me Hates Me".
Valley Queen are the artist spotlight on today's mix with tracks from their debut album. There's music from Caroline Says and Neko Case in the mix. And, the show kicks off with new music from Aeves, who have DJ Emily completely smitten.
There's an artist spotlight on Kim Richey in today's show. Shannon Shaw is back on the show. Plus new music from The Ophelias.
Today on the all-female music mix, we will be showcasing tracks from Shannon Shaw and her new release, "Shannon In Nashville." Plus new tunes from Hana Vu and Halo Maud.
Get all of the best new indie music in one spot. The twist? We're showcasing some of the best female talent out there. This week, includes an artist spotlight on Melody's Echo Chamber.
Double shots of new music from Haley Blais, Sarah Mary Chadwick and Jennifer Castle. Plus an artist spotlight on Neighbor Lady.
This all-female music mix features Australian singer-songwriter, Abbe May as the artist spotlight. Enjoy tracks form her new album Fruit.
Today's show features new music from Peach Kelli Pop. Plus an artists spotlight featuring tracks off of LABRYS new EP.
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers have just dropped their new album "Years" and you can hear some tracks from it on today's artists spotlight. Plus new music from Soccer Mommy and Caroline Says.
Caroline Says just dropped a new album called "No Fool Like An Old Fool" catch select tracks off the album as DJ Emily spotlights the Austin based artist. Plus lots of other debuts on this all-female music mix.
This mix brings you the best female indie music out there. Today's mix features Hollie Cook in the artists spotlight. Plus, enjoy a BTR exclusive recording from Shana Falana.
Brand new music from Sarah Shook & The Disarmers to start off the show. Plus, an artists spotlight featuring the new album from Joan As Police Woman.
Brand new releases from Joan As Police Woman and Ruby Boots are in the mix and Ariel Bui is new to rotation on the show.               Ruby Boots               Joan As Police Woman
All sorts of talented ladies coming at you. New tunes, old favorites and an artist spotlight on The Good Graces out of Atlanta.
Tunes from Feakwater and exclusive BTR Live Studio tracks from Lina Tulgren are on the show today.
This all-female set features brand new music from Ruby Boots' forthcoming album! Plus, an artist spotlight on Spud Cannon. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Kllo