Dating In Your Band

Premiere DateMar 30, 2017
Categories Media Politics Talk
00:00 Mic Break
01:16 Hello Rosebug
03:41 Owning Your Art
08:00 Ordinary Girl Rosebug
10:54 Dating Your Bandmate
17:43 Sundowner Rosebug
20:56 Send Off
20:21 Someone New Rosebug
24:03 Finish

Today we’re sitting down with BTR’s own Becca Chodorkoff, a writer and musician. She currently sings and plays bass in her band “Drug Couple” with her boyfriend Miles Robinson. They met while he was producing the album “Worst Way” with her former band, Rosebug. we’re talking about sexism in music and art in general, and also what it’s like being in an artistic partnership with your romantic partner.

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Photo courtesy of Caroline Yoder.

Taia Handlin is a fabulous Portland native currently working and writing in New York City. She received her BA in Gender Studies from Whitman College, where she spent four years amongst the onions of Walla Walla,…