BTRtoday Tries Thinx

Premiere DateMar 23, 2017
Categories Media Politics Talk
00:00 Mic Break
05:16 Take Me Back Alice Jemima
07:49 Youtube’s LGBTQ Censorship
11:48 BTR tries Thinx
22:22 Licorice Alice Jemima
25:23 Send Off
25:31 Electric Alice Jemima
28:37 Finish

Today we’re talking about BTRtoday’st Irina Groushevaia‘s, experience with Thinx period underwear. It’s possible farting also came up, as it so often does. This was recorded before all the hubbub about sexual harassment of Thinx employees by “She-EO” Miki Agrawal, so apologies that we don’t mention it.

We’re also talking about YouTube’s censorship of LGBTQ content under the “YouTube Restricted” viewer option.

Courtesy of Thinx

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