Pedro Giraudo Big Band - Recorded live at Blue Note Jazz Club, First Set

Premiere DateAug 11, 2016
00:00 BTR The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
02:19 Muñeca Pedro Giraudo Big Band
13:37 Chicharrita Announcement Pedro Giraudo
14:48 Chicharrita Pedro Giraudo Big Band
20:57 BTR The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
21:30 Mentiras Piadosas Announcement Pedro Giraudo
22:24 Mentiras Piadosas Pedro Giraudo Big Band
30:27 La Ley Primera & Sofia Tosello Announcement Pedro Giraudo
31:48 La Ley Primera Pedro Giraudo Big Band, Sofia Tosello
37:38 BTR The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
38:31 Band & Desconsuelo Suite Announcement Pedro Giraudo
40:44 Desconsuelo Suite (Part I: Mate Amargo / Part II: Con un nudo / Part III: La Bronca) Pedro Giraudo Big Band
58:03 Finish

Listen to a fantastic set by the Pedro Giraudo Big Band, which has been recorded at the world-famous Blue Note Jazz Club in New York on July 10th. NYC-based Argentinean bassist and composer Pedro Giraudo plays with many of the city’s greatest instrumentalists and with special guest vocalist (and fellow Argentinean) Sofia Tosello. Tune in to BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Linus every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Pedro Giraudo Big Band
Sofia Tosello
Jeremy Powell

Pedro Giraudo (bass, compositions)
Alejandro Aviles, Todd Bashore, Luke Batson, Jeremy Powell, Carl Maraghi (reeds)
Mat Jodrell, Josh Deutsch, Alejandro Berti, Linda Briceño (trumpets)
Ryan Keberle, Mike Fahie, Mark Miller, James Borowski (trombones)
Jess Jurkovic (piano)
Franco Pinna (drums)
Sofia Tosello (guest vocalist)

All compositions by Pedro Giraudo
Lyrics to “La Ley Primera” by Roxana Amed
All tracks recorded live at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, NY on July 10th 2016

Pedro Giraudo
Pedro Giraudo Big Band, Cuentos

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