Triio - Live at Arraymusic in Toronto, ON, Canada

Premiere DateJan 26, 2020
00:00 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
01:13 Saltlick City Triio
09:53 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
11:01 Giant-Dad Triio
18:08 Fourhundred Dollars Triio
24:02 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
25:22 Adenda-Agenda Triio
34:43 Permanently Hiccups Triio
47:34 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
48:47 An Intrepid Toad Triio
55:40 Finish

Today’s live set on The Jazz Hole Live comes from Arraymusic in Toronto, ON, Canada and it is by Triio. Triio is the flagship project of Toronto bassist and composer Alex Fournier. Established in 2012, Triio is a sextet featuring long-form music composed by Alex and focusing on free/collective improvisation within. Contrasting intricate written sections with open-ended improvisation, the music can allow for total freedom of expression while still maintaining a distinct direction from piece to piece. Triio released its first major recording in June of 2019 available for purchase in most online stores and on

reference photo by Paul Hillier

Alex Fournier (double bass, compositions)
Bea Labikova (alto saxophone)
Aidan Sibley (trombone)
Tom Fleming (guitar)
Ashley Urquhart (piano)
Mark0 (drums)

All tracks composed by Alex Fournier
All tracks recorded live at Arraymusic in Toronto, ON, Canada on October 20th 2019

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