The Jazz Hole Live

Premiere DateNov 13, 2014
00:00 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:30 Kojo no Tsuki (Castle in the Moonlight) Tomoko Omura
09:01 Cha tsu mi (Green Tea Picking) Tomoko Omura
18:29 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
20:18 Sakura Sakura/Soran bushi - Tomoko Omura
36:06 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
36:59 Antagata Dokosa (Where Are You From?) Tomoko Omura
42:41 Finish

NYC-based Japanese jazz violinist Tomoko Omura recently performed at Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY, accompanied by Zach Lapidus on piano, Jeff Miles on guitar, Pablo Menares on bass and Colin Stranahan on drums. Enjoy this live set, plus a track from her brand new album “Roots”, which is coming out in early 2015.
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Tomoko Omura (violin)
Zach Lapidus (piano)
Jeff Miles (guitar)
Pablo Menares (bass)
Colin Stranahan (drums)

Tomoko Omura – Antagata Dokosa (Where Are You From?)
Album: Roots
Tomoko Omura (violin, voc), Will Graefe (g), Glenn Zaleski (p, keys), Noah Garabedian (b) and Colin Stranahan (d)

All tracks recorded by Lawrence de Martin, except for “Antagata Dokosa (Where Are You From?)”.

“Kojo no Tsuki (Caste in the Moonlight)” written by Rentaro Taki, arranged by Tomoko Omura.
All other compositions are traditional Japanese songs, arranged by Tomoko Omura.

All tracks recorded live at Spectrum in New York, NY on October 9th 2014, except for “Antagata Dokosa (Where Are You From?)” which is part of the album “Roots”.

Tomoko Omura
November 19th 2014, Seeds – Brooklyn, NY
December 5th 2014, WhyNot Jazz Room – New York, NY
February 5th 2015, Shapeshifter Lab – Brooklyn, NY
February 18th 2015, Pit Inn – Tokyo, Japan
February 20th 2015, Lovely – Nagoya, Japan
February 21st 2015, Namu Hall – Kyoto, Japan
February 22nd 2015, Jogan-ji – Osaka, Japan
February 26th 2015, NHK-FM Session 2015 – Tokyo, Japan
February 27th 2015, Lifetime – Shizuoka, Japan
February 28th 2015, DOLPHY – Yokohama, Japan
March 1st 2015, Cocktail Kubota – Nagaoka, Japan

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