The Jazz Hole Live

Premiere DateMay 8, 2014
00:00 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:38 Feines Süppchen East Drive
14:35 Ratka Mitrovića East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
21:15 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
21:40 Bulgar East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
38:55 Leidenschaft East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
46:43 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
47:35 Stadthirten East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
61:34 Priznanie East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
72:05 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
72:36 Seelenverwandtschaft East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
85:08 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
85:40 Folksong 1 East Drive (feat. Vadim Neselovskyi)
95:51 Finish

BTR The Jazz Hole Live with Eastern European Jazz by the band East Drive recorded live in Cologne, Germany. Vitaliy Zolotov, Philipp Bardenberg, Bodek Janke and special guest Vadim Neselovskyi.
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East Drive
Vitaliy Zolotov (guitar)
Philipp Bardenberg (bass)
Bodek Janke (drums)
special guest: Vadim Neselovskyi (piano)

All compositions by Bodek Janke, except ‘Feines S√ºppchen,’ ‘Stadthirten‚’ & ‘Folksong 1‚’ by Vitaliy Zolotov and ‘Ratka Mitroviƒáa‚’ by Philipp Bardenberg
All tunes recorded live at Soundstudio N in Cologne, Germany on March 29th 2014

East Drive

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