Lena Bloch & Feathery: Live in Brooklyn

Premiere DateMar 25, 2018
00:00 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
02:20 Lateef Suite Lena Bloch & Feathery
18:17 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
21:04 Esmeh Lena Bloch & Feathery
34:20 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
34:48 Heart Knows Lena Bloch & Feathery
44:16 New Home Lena Bloch & Feathery
53:01 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
54:16 Three Treasures Lena Bloch & Feathery
67:15 Finish

Live tracks by Lena Bloch & Feathery on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, recorded at The Drawing Room on February 11th 2018 and at Korzo (Konseptions Series) on October 24th 2017, both located in Brooklyn, NY. Saxophonist, composer and educator Lena Bloch is originally from Moscow, Russia and immigrated to Israel in 1990. She moved to Brooklyn in 2008 and released her debut album Feathery (Thirteenth Note) in 2014. The quartet from that album has evolved into the band of the same name, which features the gifted improvisers, pianist Russ Lossing, bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Billy Mintz. Their second album Heart Knows recently came out on Fresh Sound New Records and is available on www.lenabloch.com. Lena Bloch is also an active woodwinds and jazz improvisation instructor and clinician, a member of the Jazz Education Network, a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts panelist, and a faculty member at Slope Music in Brooklyn.

Lena Bloch (tenor saxophone)
Russ Lossing (piano)
Cameron Brown (bass)
Billy Mintz (drums)
All tracks composed by Lena Bloch, except for “Three Treasures” (by Russ Lossing)

All tracks recorded live at The Drawing Room in Brooklyn, NY on February 11th 2018, except for “Lateef Suite”, which was recorded live at Korzo in Brooklyn, NY on October 24th 2017 as part of the Konseptions Series

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