Jonathan Saraga Sextet - Live at Smalls Jazz Club in New York, NY

Premiere DateJul 12, 2020
00:00 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
01:33 Rampant Teddy Bear Jonathan Saraga Sextet
15:50 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
16:27 Wandering Child Jonathan Saraga Sextet
29:14 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
31:21 The Great Journey Jonathan Saraga Sextet
47:11 Lullaby Jonathan Saraga Sextet
53:58 The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
54:56 Search for Truth Jonathan Saraga Sextet
70:24 Finish

Today’s set on The Jazz Hole Live is by the Manhattan native, trumpeter and composer Dr. Jonathan Saraga with his Jonathan Saraga Sextet, recorded live at Smalls Jazz Club on February 6th. Jonathan Saraga (trumpet), Remy Le Boeuf (alto saxophone), Marko Churnchetz (piano), Jeff Miles (guitar) and Kenneth Salters (drums). Get Jonathan’s latest studio album “Journey to a New World” on his website.

Jonathan Saraga (trumpet, compositions)
Remy Le Boeuf (alto saxophone)
Marko Churnchetz (piano)
Jeff Miles (guitar)
Rick Rosato (bass)
Kenneth Salters (drums)

All tracks composed by Jonathan Saraga

All tracks recorded live Smalls Jazz Club in New York, NY on February 6th 2020

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