Week of 10/16/16

Premiere DateOct 16, 2016
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:59 Chrysalism Philippe Lemm Trio
07:31 New Berlin, New York The Westerlies
10:37 N.T.I A.G.N.Z.
15:10 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
18:04 Problem Child A.G.N.Z.
24:10 From The Ground Up Hadar Noiberg
30:43 Climb The Wee Trio, Fabian Almazán
37:07 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
40:48 No Justice The Wee Trio, Nicholas Payton
48:04 Apparition The Wee Trio, Nir Felder
55:51 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
57:03 When You Wake Up Philippe Lemm Trio
64:43 Finish

During today’s episode of The Jazz Hole, host Linus presents music from four brand new albums, plus a track by NYC-based flutist and composer Hadar Noiberg. The four new albums are Wee + 3 by The Wee Trio featuring three well-known special guests (Fabian Almazán, Nicholas Payton and Nir Felder), Chance Meeting by A.G.N.Z. (Jay Azzolina, Dino Govoni, Adam Nussbaum and Dave Zinno), The Westerlies, the self-titled sophomore album by The Westerlies and New Amsterdam by the Philippe Lemm Trio.

Philippe Lemm Trio
The Westerlies
Jay Azzolina
Dino Govoni
Adam Nussbaum
Dave Zinno
Hadar Noiberg
The Wee Trio
Fabian Almazán
Nicholas Payton
Nir Felder


Philippe Lemm Trio – “Chrysalism” & “When You Wake Up”
Album: New Amsterdam
Philippe Lemm (d), Angelo Di Loreto (p, comp) and Jeff Koch (d)

The Westerlies – New Berlin, New York
Album: The Westerlies
Riley Mulherkar, Zubin Hensler (tp), Andy Clausen and Willem de Koch (tb)

A.G.N.Z. – “N.T.I” & “Problem Chid”
Album: Chance Meeting
Jay Azzolina (g, comp “Problem Child”), Dino Govoni (ts, comp “N.T.I”), Adam Nussbaum (d) and Dave Zinno (b)

Hadar Noiberg – From The Ground Up
Album: From The Ground Up
Hadar Noiberg (fl, alto fl, effects), Haggai Cohen Milo (b) and Allison Miller (d, perc)

The Wee Trio (featuring Fabian Almazán) – Climb
Album: Wee + 3
Dan Loomis (b), James Westfall (vib), Jared Schonig (d, comp) and Fabian Almazán (p)

The Wee Trio (featuring Nicholas Payton) – No Justince
Album: Wee + 3
Dan Loomis (b, comp), James Westfall (vib), Jared Schonig (d) and Nicholas Payton (tp)

The Wee Trio (featuring Nir Felder) – Apparition
Album: Wee + 3
Dan Loomis (b), James Westfall (vib, comp), Jared Schonig (d) and Nir Felder (g)


A.G.N.Z.: Chance Meeting

A.G.N.Z.: Chance Meeting


Philippe Lemm Trio

Philippe Lemm Trio


The Wee Trio

The Wee Trio

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