Water and Air

Premiere DateMar 29, 2020
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
02:13 Canyon View Leala Cyr
07:45 Give Me Leala Cyr
13:16 Rio Escuro John Stein
17:34 The Jazz Hole with Linus
18:58 Kobe John Stein
23:46 Conjuration Huet//Fournier//Kuhl
34:32 The Jazz Hole with Linus
35:28 Xiode Huet//Fournier//Kuhl
42:41 Union Under The Summer Moon David Cruz’s Creators Society
50:11 The Jazz Hole with Linus
52:11 Sunrise Over Cedarvale David Cruz’s Creators Society
57:26 Finish

Linus presents music from a variety of projects on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole. Tracks from “First Instinct” by vocalist, trumpeter and composer Leala Cyr, guitarist John Stein’s new album “Watershed”, Edwin Huet/Aex Fournier/Mike Kuhl’s new album “Rarefied Air”, and from “Live From February”, the new EP by David Cruz’s Creators Society. Times are tough, but we hope that this hour of jazz will give you a moment to relax and ease your mind. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

Leala Cyr – Canyon View
Album: First Instinct
Leala Cyr (flh), Hailey Niswanger (ss), Elias Meister (g), Eduardo Belo (b) and Tiago Michelin (d)

Leala Cyr – Give Me
Album: First Instinct
Leala Cyr (voc, flh), Elias Meister (g), Eduardo Belo (b) and Tiago Michelin (d)

John Stein – “Rio Escuro” & “Kobe”
Album: Watershed
John Stein (g, arr), Teco Cardoso (alto fl, as, ss), Daniel Grajew (p, kbds), Frank Herzberg (b) and Zé Eduardo Nazario (d)

Huet//Fournier//Kuhl – “Conjuration” & “Xiode”
Album: Rarefied Air
Edwin Huet (electronics, live processing), Alex Fournier (b) and Mike Kuhl (d, perc)

David Cruz’s Creators Society – “Union Under The Summer Moon” & “Sunrise Over Cedarvale”
Album: Live From February
David Cruz (g), Daniel Green (as), Etienne Beausoleil (b) and Paulo Max Riccardo (d)

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…