Week of 7/24/16

Premiere DateJul 24, 2016
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 DJ Linus
01:53 REL Glenn Zaleski
04:14 Utopia, Part 1 Andrew McAnsh
07:14 Utopia, Part 2 Andrew McAnsh
12:57 Interview with Andrew McAnsh, Part I
24:41 Illustrations, Part 1 Andrew McAnsh
26:10 Illustrations, Part 2 Andrew McAnsh
32:42 Interview with Andrew McAnsh, Part II
43:36 Nara, Part 1 Andrew McAnsh
45:39 Nara, Andrew McAnsh Andrew McAnsh
53:19 DJ Linus
53:55 Waltz for MD Glenn Zaleski
59:55 Finish

Interview guest Andrew McAnsh talks about his new album Illustrations on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus. McAnsh wrote Illustrations while he lived in Japan during the summers of 2012 and 2013, inspired by Japanese Zen and heavily influenced by the music of the late great Canadian born trumpeter and composer Kenny Wheeler to which this album pays tribute. The other two tracks today are by the acclaimed NYC-based pianist Glenn Zaleski.

Links to today’s artists:
Glenn Zaleski
Andrew McAnsh


Glenn Zaleski – “REL” & “Waltz for MD”
Album: My Ideal
Glenn Zaleski (p), Dezron Douglas (b) and Craig Weinrib (d)
Peter Schlamb (composer “REL”) and Rick Rosato (composer “Waltz for MD”)

Andrew McAnsh – “Utopia – Part 1″, “Utopia – Part 2″, “Illustrations – Part 1″ & “Illustrations – Part 2″
Album: Illustrations
Andrew McAnsh (tp, flh), Mjaa Danielson (voc), Jeff LaRochelle (ts), P.J. Andersson (tb), Geoff Young (g), Chris Pruden (p), Wes Allen (b) and Ian Wright (d)

Andrew McAnsh – “Nara – Part 1″ & “Nara – Part 2″
Album: Illustrations
Andrew McAnsh (tp, flh), Mara Nesrallah (voc), Jeff LaRochelle (ts), P.J. Andersson (tb), Chris Pruden (p), Soren Nissen (b) and Ian Wright (d)

Glenn Zaleski – My Ideal

Andrew McAnsh – Illustrations

Andrew McAnsh

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