Week of 07/26/15

Premiere DateJul 26, 2015
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
00:53 Chess Walker Adams
02:47 Osiris Walker Adams
08:24 Time and Place Jocelyn Medina
13:41 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
14:50 BBB Jean-Michel Pilc
23:47 Broken Glass Harvie S/Sheryl Bailey
28:50 Musiques d’amerique Violette
31:20 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
32:44 Para Manolito Thomas Moeckel
39:44 Nicha’s Blues Nicole Johaenntgen
44:33 Gleaning & Dreaming Curtis Nowosad
51:23 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
52:10 The Long Way Michael Thomas
60:07 Finish

Today’s edition of The jazz Hole with Linus features music from Walker Adam’s brand new album “Emergence”, next to tracks by doyens Jean-Michel Pilc, Harvie S, Sheryl Bailey and Thomas Moeckel, as well as rising stars Jocelyn Medina, Violette, Nicole Johaenntgen, Curtis Nowosad and Michael Thomas.

Links to today’s artists:
Walker Adams
Jocelyn Medina
Jean-Michel Pilc
Harvie S
Sheryl Bailey
Thomas Moeckel
Nicole Johaenntgen
Curtis Nowosad
Michael Thomas

Walker Adams – Chess
Album: Jazrok
Walker Adams (d, midi b), Brad Whiteley (kbds) and Iakov Kremenskiy (g)

Walker Adams – Osiris
Album: Emergence
Walker Adams (d, midi b), Brad Whiteley (org) and Jon Lipscomb (g)

Jocelyn Medina – Tme and Place
Album: We Are Water
Jocelyn Medina (voc), Rodrigo Ursaia (ts, fl), Kristjan Randalu (p), Miles Okazaki (g), Aidan Carroll (b, e-b) and Bodek Janke (d, perc)

Jean-Michel PIlc – BBB
Album: True Story
Jean-Michel Pilc (p), Boris Kozlov (b) and Billy Hart (d)

Harvie S/Sheryl Bailey – Broken Glass
Album: Plucky Strum
Harvie S (b) and Sherly Bailey (g)

Violette – Musiques d’amerique
Album: Falling Strong
Violette De Bartillat (voc), Louis Cato (d, b, g, voc), Keita Ogawa (perc), Glenn Patscha (p, org, acc), Aviva Jaye (bckg voc), Curtis Taylor (tp), Stantawn Kendrick (as), Anthony Ware (ts) and Robert Edwards (tb)

Thomas Moeckel – Para Manolito
Album: The Nearness Of You
Thomas Moeckel (g, tp, flh), Dominik Schürmann (b) and Stephan Felber (d)

Nicole Johaenntgen – Nicha’s Blues
Album: Moncaup
Nicole Johänntgen (as) and Thomas Lähns (b)

Curtis Nowosad – Gleaning & Dreaming
Album: Dialectics
Curtis Nowosad (d), Jimmy Greene (ts, ss), Derrick Gardner (tp), Steve Kirby (b) and Will Bonness (p)

Michael Thomas – The Long Way
Album: The Long Way
Michael Thomas (as), Greg Duncan (g), Pascal Le Boeuf (p, rhodes, wurlitzer), Ben Street (b) and Lee Fish (d)

Walker Adams

Jocelyn Medina

Thomas Moeckel

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