Week of 05/31/15

Premiere DateMay 31, 2015
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
00:57 Alter Ego Michael Eaton (featuring David Liebman)
07:24 Nose Off Dado Moroni
14:24 Lullaby Arooj Aftab
18:10 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
19:57 Serpentine Jussi Reijonen
27:49 Caribe Contigo Gregorio Uribe Big Band
31:43 Meeting Them Melissa Aldana
37:58 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
39:24 Soundcheck Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli
44:03 Steady Hardcoretet
50:35 Garden State Randy Johnston
55:24 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
57:32 Sleep Gizem Gokoglu
63:28 Finish

On today’s episode of “The Jazz Hole” you get to hear a mix of jazz, Middle Eastern-influenced music, Latin rhythms and much more. Enjoy a brand new track from the album Bird Under Water by the talented NYC-based Pakistani composer and vocalist Arooj Aftab and stay tuned until the grand finale of today’s episode: a live recording by the brilliant Turkish vocalist, jazz and film composer Gizem Gokoglu, who has quickly established herself in New York City.

Links to today’s artists:
Michael Eaton
David Liebman
Dado Moroni
Arooj Aftab
Jussi Reijonen
Gregorio Uribe Big Band
Melissa Aldana
Amanda Ruzza
Mauricio Zottarelli
Randy Johnston
Gizem Gokoglu

Michael Eaton (featuring David Liebman) – Alter Ego
Album: Individuation
Michael Eaton (ts, ss), Dave Liebman (ts, ss), Brad Whiteley (p, prepared p), Daniel Ori (b) and Shareef Taher (d)

Dado Moroni – Nose Off
Album: Live in Beverly Hills
Dado Moroni (p), Marco Panascia (b) and Peter Erskine (d)

Arooj Aftab – Lullaby
Album: Bird Under Water
Arooj Aftab (voc), Bhrigu Sahni (g), Magda Giannikou (acc), Sonny Singh (tp), Mario Carillo (b) and Jörn Bielfeldt (d, perc)

Jussi Reijonen – Serpentine
Album: Un
Jussi Reijonen (oud), Utar Artun (p, p perc), Bruno Raberg (b), Tareq Rantisi and Sergio Martinez (perc)

Gregorio Uribe Big Band – Caribe Contigo
Gregorio Uribe Big Band

Melissa Aldana – Meeting Them
Album: Second Cycle
Melissa Aldana (ts), Gordon Au (tp), Joseph Lepore (b) and Ross Pederson (d)

Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli – Soundcheck
Album: Glasses, No Glasses
Amanda Ruzza (b, pedal effects), Mauricio Zottarelli (d) and Leo Genovese (keys, sax, effects)

Hardcoretet – Steady
Album: Do It Live
Art Brown (as), Aaron Otheim (kbds), Tim Carey (b) and Tarik Abouzied (d)

Randy Johnston – Garden State
Album: People Music
Randy Johnston (g, voc), Pat Bianchi (org) and Carmen Intorre Jr. (d)

Gizem Gokoglu – Sleep
Recorded Live at Somethin’ Jazz Club on January 13th 2015 (Linus NYC Quartet featuring Gizem Gokoglu)
Gizem Gokoglu (voc, comp), Linus Wyrsch (cl), Vitor Goncalves (p), Julian Smith (b) and Karina Colis (d)

Dado Moroni

Gregorio Uribe Big Band / Photo by MULATO FILMS

Gizem Gokoglu / Photo by DR. Tunc T Evcimen

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…