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Premiere DateMar 11, 2012
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
00:49 John Brown’s Body – Resonance Big Band (featuring Marian Petrescu)
06:47 Folk Song – Gabriele Donati
14:51 Western Child – Laura Brunner
22:04 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
22:52 Free Fall – Melissa Aldana
29:49 March of the Elephants – Rob Mosher’s Storytime
37:41 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
38:48 After Hours Blues (Improvisation) – Wes Montgomery
45:24 DJ Moguls – Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour Promo
46:01 Greg’s Tune – Greg Torunski Sextett
56:36 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
57:27 Running – Joseph Lepore
63:28 Finish

Exciting tracks on The Jazz Hole today, including a rare treat: A newly discovered recording from guitar legend Wes Montgomery that has just been released on Resonance Records.

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Resonance Big Band (featuring Marian Petrescu) – John Brown’s Body
Album: Resonance Records plays Tribute to Oscar Peterson
Marian Petrescu (p), Andreas Oberg (g), David Stone (b), Joe La Barbera (d), Bob Sheppard, Steve Wilkerson, Brian Scanlon, Keith Fiddmont, Tom Peterson (reeds/flutes), Willie Murillo, Larry Lunetta, Bob Summers Larry Hall (tp, flh), Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, Wendell Kelly (tb) and Bill Reichenbach (tb, tuba)

Gabriele Donati – Folk Song
Album: All In That Sky
Gabriele Donati (b), Richie Beirach (p), Gregoire Maret (harm) and Dominic Egli (d)

Laura Brunner – Western Child
Laura Brunner (voc), Victor Gould (p), Greg Toro (b) and Jeff Fajardo (d)

Melissa Aldana – Free Fall
Album: Free Fall
Melissa Aldana (ts), Michael Palma (p), Lyles West (b) and Ralph Peterson Jr. (d)

Rob Mosher’s Storytime – March of the Elephants
Album: The Tortoise
Rob Mosher (ss, oboe, engl horn), Sam Sadigursky (as, fl, cl), Peter Hess (ts, cl), Brian Landrus (bs, b-cl), Micah Killion (tpts, flh), Rachel Drehmann (French horn), Michael Fahie (tb), Nir Felder (g), Garth Stevenson (b) and Ziv Ravitz (d)

After Hours Blues (Improvisation) – Wes Montgomery
Album: Echoes of Indiana Avenue
Wes Montgomery (g), Earl van Riper (p) and Mingo Jones (b)

Greg’s Tune – Greg Torunski Sextett
Album: Changes
Greg Torunski (as), Lucas Leidinger (p), Reza Askari Motlagh (b), Elisabeth Fugemann (cello), Piotr Torunski (b-cl) and Etienne Nillesen (d)

Joseph Lepore – Running
Album: Journal
Joseph Lepore (b), Lance Murphy (ts), Tim Collins (vib) and Nasheet Waits (d)

Laura Brunner
April 6th 2012, Boston Swing Central – Charlestown, MA
April 14th 2012, Eagle Hill Cultural Center – Hardwich, MA

Melissa Aldana
March 15th 2012, The Jazz Gallery – New York, NYs

Joseph Lepore

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…