The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateJan 15, 2012
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:00 Fall Forward – Manami Morita
07:29 Cristiana – Toninho Horta
12:06 Introduction To Hobart Dotson/The Arts of Tatum and Freddy Webster – Charles Mingus
21:45 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
22:31 Sienteme – Giovanni Almonte
28:26 Starla – Rodrigo Bonelli Group
32:52 DJ Maia – Folk Wave Promo
33:13 Missing Linc – Thomas Moeckel
39:07 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
40:01 Al Chicamocha – Juan Andres Ospina Sextet
47:01 Garden State – Randy Johnston
51:53 M*GIC – Manami Morita
58:19 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
58:43 As If – Eliane Amherd
62:40 Finish

As always, an hour of diverse jazz from all over the world with a focus on the New Yorker scene. Including last week’s Discovery Artist Manami Morita, stars like Charles Mingus, Toninho Horta and Randy Johnston, as well as talented newcomers.

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Manami Morita – ‘Fall Forward’ & ‘M*GIC’
Album: For You
Manami Morita (p), Zak Croxall (b), Thomas Hartman (d) and Keita Ogawa (perc)

Toninho Horta – Cristiana
Album: To Jobim With Love
Toninho Horta (g) and more

Charles Mingus – Introduction to Hobart Dotson/The Arts of Tatum and Freddy Webster
Album: Music Written For Monterey 1965, Not Heard… Played Live In Its Entirety at UCLA
Charles Mingus (b, p), Hobart Dotson (lead tp), Jimmy Owens, Lonnie Hillyer (tp), Charles McPherson (as), Julius Watkins (french horn), Howard Johnson (tuba) and Dannie Richmond (d)

Giovanni Almonte – Sienteme
Album: High vs Low
Giovanni Almonte (voc), Obed Calvaire (d), Reinaldo DeJesus (perc), Panagiotis Andreou (b), Zaccai Curtis (p), Julie Acosta (tp), Marshall Gilkes (tb) and Justine Acosta (chorus)

Rodrigo Bonelli Group – Starla
Album: Stream of Stars
Rodrigo Bonelli (d), Mike Shea (p), Matt Clauhs (ts) and Jeff Mcauliffe (b)

Thomas Moeckel – Missing Linc
Album: Seasons
Thomas Moeckel (g, voc, kbds), Jean-Paul Brodbeck (p, kbds), Michael Chylewski (e-b) and Christoph Mohler (d)

Juan Andres Ospina Sextet – Todavia No
Album: BBB – Barcelona, Bogota, Boston
Juan Andres Ospina (p), Ben Roseth (ss), Matan Chapnitzky (ts), Ryan Dragon (tb), Andrés Rotmistrovsky (e-b), Austin McMahon (d)

Randy Johnston – Garden State
Album: People Music
Randy Johnston (g, voc), Pat Bianchi (org) and Carmen Intorre, Jr. (d)

Eliane Amherd – As If
Album: Now And From Now On
Eliane Amherd (voc, g), Bill Ware (vib), Gustavo Amarante (b), Willard Dyson (d) and Ze Mauricio (perc)

Rodrigo Bonelli Group

Randy Johnston
January 25th & Februrary 16th 2012, The Garage – New York, NY

Eliane Amherd
January 26th 2012, Caffe Vivaldi – New York, NY
February 4th 2012, Pierre Hotel – New York ,NY
February 13th 2012, Bar Next Door – New York, NY
February 24th 2012, Perron 1 – Brig, Switzerland
February 25th 2012, Thalwil Jazz Club – Thalwil, Switzerland

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