The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateDec 4, 2011
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
00:52 Granada Bus – The Ernesto Cervini Quartet
05:58 Candy’s Blues – Larry Fuller Trio
12:05 Ain’t Nobody – Gabriela Martina
18:01 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
18:47 Nigun – Uri Gurvich
25:16 Jenny’s Waltz – Mike Garson
29:18 The Sands Of Maundune – Rob Mosher’s Storytime
33:45 Serbology – Rale Micic
38:03 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
39:03 Miki’s Trick – Vitaly Golovnev
45:32 Nights of our Lives Promo
46:13 Good Night, My Love – Adrian Mira Group
51:47 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
52:38 Blues Closer – Gene Harris Quartet
60:00 Finish

Don’t worry, no overplayed Christmas classics on here, just some cool jazz by the Ernesto Cervini Quartet, the Larry Fuller Trio, Rale Micic, the hard-swingin’ Gene Harris Quartet and many others.

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Ernesto Cervini Quartet – Granada Blues
Album: There
Ernesto Cervini (d), Joel Frahm (sax), Adrean Farrugia (p) and Dan Loomis (b)

Larry Fuller Trio – Candy’s Blues
Album: Easy Walker
Larry Fuller (p), Ray Brown (b) and Jeff Hamilton (d)

Gabriela Martina – Ain’t Nobody
Album: Curiosity
Gabriela Martina (voc), Jiri Nedoma (p), Jussi Reijonen (g), Kyle Miles (b) and Alex Bailey (d)

Uri Gurvich – Nigun
Album: The Storyteller
Uri Gurvich (as), Leo Genovese (p), Peter Slovov (b) and Francis Mela (d)

Mike Garson – Jenny’s Waltz
Album: Conversations With My Family
Mike Garson (p), Bob Magnusson (b) and Gary Novak (d)

Rob Mosher’s Storytime – The Sands Of Maundune
Album: The Tortoise
Rob Mosher (ss, oboe, engl horn), Sam Sadigursky (as, fl, cl), Peter Hess (ts, cl), Brian Landrus (bs, b-cl), Micah Killion (tp, flh), Rachel Drehmann (f horn), Michael Fahie (tb), Nir Felder (g), Garth Stevenson (b) and Ziv Ravitz (d)

Vitaly Golovnev – Miki’s Trick
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Vitaly Golovnev (tp), Jake Saslow (ts), Miki Hayama (p), Boris Kozlov (b) and Jason Brown (d)

Adrian Mira Group – Goodnight, My Love
Album: Acoustic Journeys
Adrian Mira (cl, as), Francis Jacob (g) and Clay Schaub (b)

Gene Harris Quartet – Blues Closer
Album: Live In London
Gene Harris (p), Jim Mullen (g), Andrew Cleyndert (b) and Martin Drew (d)

Ernesto Cervini Quartet
December 7th 2011, Pear Music Company (w/ Nadje Noordhuis) – Toronto, ON, Canada
December 8th 2011, Cherry St. Restaurant (w/ Nadje Noordhuis) – Toronto, ON, Canada
December 11th 2011, The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar (w/ Idioteque) – Toronto, ON, Canada
December 15th 2011, The Trane Studio (w/ Strange Attractors) – Toronto, ON, Canada
December 19th 2011, The Emmet Ray (w/ Myriad) – Toronto, ON, Canada
January 8th & 15th 2012, The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar (w/ Michael Herring Quartet) – Toronto, ON, Canada
January 19th & 20th 2012, The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar (w/ Jacam Manricks Trio) – Toronto, ON, Canada
January 21st 2012, The Grand River Jazz Society (w/ Jacam Manricks Trio) – Kitchener, ON, Canada
January 22nd 2012, Pear Music Company (w/ Jacam Manricks Trio) – Hamilton, ON, Canada
January 29th 2012, The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar (w/ Michael Herring Quartet) – Toronto, ON, Canada
February 1st 2012, Smalls Jazz Club – New York, NY

Uri Gurvich
December 4th 2011, America Israel Cultural Foundation Gala at Rose Hall – New York, NY
January 21st 2012, Chris’ Jazz Club (w/ Francisco Mela) – Philadelphia, PA
January 27th & 28th 2012, Canada Tour with Ori Dakari Group
February 11th 2012, Arts Garage – Delray, FL

Vitaly Golovnev
March 17th 2012, Cleopatra’s Needle – New York, NY
May 12th 2012, Cleaopatra’s Needle – New York, NY

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