The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateJun 5, 2011
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
00:57 Pinchas Nadav Remez
08:30 Catch the Pandu Manami Morita
14:27 Tempestade Thiago Ferte Quartet
21:11 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
22:35 Samba de Queijo Burning Gums
27:46 Out of the Blue Christian Howes
33:57 Here We Go Again Joe Albano and the Meanderthals
43:33 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
44:04 Bee Loo – Katerina Polemi
48:10 DJ Mojo Maximum Music Promo
48:21 The Miracle Nadav Remez
52:35 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
53:24 Fall Forward Manami Morita
60:57 Finish

An introduction to many new releases such as the Nadav Remez album “So Far”, next to some underground jazz by Thiago Ferté, Joe Albano and others.

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Nadav Remez – ‘Pinchas’ & ‘The Miracle’
Album: So Far
Nadav Remez (g), James Wylie (as, cl), Steve Brickman (ts), Shai Maestro (p, rhodes, org), Avri Borochov (b) and Ziv Ravitz (d)

Manami Morita – ‘Catch the Pandu’ & ‘Fall Forward’
Album: For You
Manami Morita (p), Zak Croxall (b), Thomas Hartman (d) and Keita Ogawa (perc)

Thiago Ferte Quartet – Tempestade
Album: Underground Scene
Thiago Ferte (ss), Bernardo Bosisio (g), Alex Rocha (b) and Rafael Barata (d)

Burning Gums – Samba de Queijo
Album: Burning Gums
Ron Jackson (g), Norbert Marius (b) and Hiroyuki Matsuura (d, perc)

Christian Howes – Out of the Blue
Album: Out of the Blue
Christian Howes (violin, e-violin), Robben Ford (g), Bobby Floyd (org, p), Ric Fierabaracci (e-b) and Joel Rosenblatt (d)

Joe Albano and the Meanderthals – Here We Go Again
Album: Open the Gate and Flood the Valley
Joe Albano (ss), Aki Ishiguro (g), Nick Jozwiak (e-b) and Dave Cole (d)

Katerina Polemi – Be-Loo
Album: Spread The Music, Not The Name
Katerina Polemi (voc, g), Natalia Bernal (voc), Roman Gomez (bandoneon), Julien Osty (g), Spencer Stewart (b) and VIshal Nayak (d)

Manami Morita
June 13th 2011, Rochester International Jazz Festival (w/ Colin Cannon) – Rochester, NY

Burning Gums
June 9th 2011, Nublu – New York, NY
June 21st 2011, Gizzi’s Cafe – New York, NY
June 21st 2011, Fada Restaurant – New York, NY

Christian Howes
June 12th 2011, 55 Bar – New York, NY
June 18th 2011, Andrew’s House – Delaware, OH
June 21st-26th 2011, Creative Strings Festival – Columbus, OH
July 31st – August 6th 2011, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp – Estes Park, CO

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