Week of 05/01/2016

Premiere DateMay 1, 2016
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
03:00 Angela Suite Part 1: Overture - Pedro Giraudo Big Band
10:21 Angela Suite Part 2: Ojos que no ven - Pedro Giraudo Big Band
15:37 Angela Suite Part 3: La Rabiosa - Pedro Giraudo Big Band
22:28 Angela Suite Part 4: Coda - Pedro Giraudo Big Band
24:19 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
25:56 On My Way Gabriela Martina
32:53 Cygnus SPACEPILOT
39:37 Amalthea SPACEPILOT
42:06 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
43:50 Another Day Chiara Izzi
48:58 Wandering Child Jonathan Saraga Quintet
57:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
58:10 Narcissus Gabriela Martina
63:26 Finish

The Jazz Hole with Linus features brand new tracks from SPACEPILOT’s album EXOPHONIA Live at Nublu and from Gabriela Martina’s album No White Shoes today. You also get to enjoy Pedro Giraudo’s 4-part Angela Suite, a track by Chiara Izzi as well as one by the Jonathan Saraga Quintet.

Links to today’s artists:
Pedro Giraudo Big Band
Gabriela Martina
SPACEPILOT (Elias Meister)
Chiara Izzi
Jonathan Saraga


Pedro Giraudo Big Band – Angela Suite – Part 1: Overture, Part 2: Ojos que no ven, Part 3: La Rabiosa, Part 4: Coda
Album: Cuentos
Pedro Giraudo (b, e-b), Alejandro Aviles, Todd Bashore (as, ss, fl), Luke Batson, John Ellis (ts, fl, cl), Carl Maraghi (bs, bcl), Jonathan Powell, Miki Hirose, Mat Jodrell, Josh Deutsch (tp, flh), Ryan Keberle, Mike Fahie, Mark Miller, Nate Mayland (tb), Jess Jurkovic (p), Franco Pinna (d) and Paulo Stagnaro (perc)

Gabriela Martina – On My Way
Album: No White Shoes
Gabriela Martina Heer (voc), Jussi Reijonen (g), Jiri Nedoma (p, kbds), Kyle Miles (b, e-b), Alex Bailey (d) and Andrew Halchak (ss)

SPACEPILOT – “Cygnus” & “Amalthea”
Album: EXOPHONIA Live at Nublu
Elias Meister (g), Leo Genovese (syn, rhodes) and Joe Hertenstein (d, perc)

Chiara Izzi – Another Day
Album: Motifs
Chiara Izzi (voc), Andrea Rea (p), Nicola Corso (b) and Gino del Prete (d)

Jonathan Saraga Quintet – Wandering Child
Album: First Vision
Jonathan Saraga (tp, flh), Colin Gordon (as), Peter Park (g), Jeff Dingler (b) and Gusten Rudolph (d)

Gabriela Martina – Narcissus
Album: No White Shoes
Gabriela Martina Heer (voc), Jussi Reijonen (g), Jiri Nedoma (p, kbds), Kyle Miles (b, e-b) and Alex Bailey (d)

Pedro Giraudo / Photo by Erin Patrice O’Brien

Gabriela Martina / Photo by Pamela Hersch

SPACEPILOT (Elias Meister, Leo Genovese & Joe Hertenstein) / EXOPHONIA Live at Nublu

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…